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I'm just wondering what you mean by "poor seal" in your previous two posts? It seems to contradict what you just stated.


You can understand why people would be skeptical. That being said, for the same price I agree you could get something with a sound signature that is vastly different. smily_headphones1.gif


My recommendation is to try and give the CKW1000 another go. This time, listen to them for 2 hours straight, listen to high quality MP3's. Start your judgement around the 47 minute mark. biggrin.gif


have fun ^^

i should have said "poor seal" as i meant if those who think i was getting a bad fit then id never rule out that its possible, i mean they are a weird shape and maybe they just dont fit my ears the same way they fit some others. 


but ill try to do as you say and give them a 2 hour listening session but i did use them longer than that so i expect no great revelations.  honestly, i think its the psychological effect of " i paid xxx so of course i hear them worth it!" at work, i paid nothing so i dont care either way.