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Originally Posted by Howie
Is it better to gradually increase the volume during the breakin period and run it through pretty high volumes in the end? Or is it just as good playing it at normal use volumes which may be pretty low in comparison to some of the levels people listen to? Is there a proper or better way of doing it? Or simply using it is fine?
Have Eric Cartman sit on them...


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Hello head-fiers,


I'm brand new to these forums - this is my first post actually. I've just ordered some sennheiser IE-8's because i found them on amazon for around 280 (I thought this was a steal since the more common price was around 400 bucks). I'm looking forward to these as they are my first pair of legit high end IEM's. I was reading the posts on the best ways to go about cooking, but is there a difference in methods between IEM's, earbuds, and cans? Just curious



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I know little to nothing for I am here for the same purpose... to learn... however by what I read and the short memo on phones vs speakers I would guess one to be looking at the same procedure... just sounds reasonable to me.

I'm going to go ahead and grab a copy of XLO Test & Burn & Primal Scream XTRMINATOR then run those on repeat for a while with a bit of godsmack and techno so that I actually have something I like to listen to in there and some variety to help push / mold it to my liking if that makes sense… run that forever :( then play around and start listening to a bit of everything… prolly some harsh dubstep seeing how I’m starting to get more into that genre

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How do I do this?

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Is the white noise and pink noise comes in Burn-In CD's? If not where can i get them? thanks

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I must say I'm really surprised how much a headphone can change after prober brake-in! I am all new to this beautiful world of quality audio (this is in fact my first post) and have been enjoying my new Sennheiser HD 598's for a couple of weeks now... Wow, just wow! I thought they sounded great out of the box, but theire sound is now much more refined and fuller... I'm looking forward to whatever you guys are going to teach me next, haha! :D
Sorry if I went a bit out of topic there... :P

I just played my favorite music through them to brake them in... Can't possible imagine that it could've been done in a better way after hearing the resulst.

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Originally Posted by cajunchrist View Post

I think most of the long term change in sound is due to the headphone cord burning in, not so much the drivers themselves.


Any research or references to back that up?   The cable burning in?  Come on....    that's gotta be audiophile nonsense.  Can you explain exactly what happens to the cable on burn in?  I mean really what happens?






Spent all night researching this and come to the conclusion that burning in your headphone cable is pure, unmitigated horse manure.

Sorry...  there is no electrical, or chemical reason why this should do diddly-squat to your sound.


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