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Hi guys,

Firstly I saw the sticky about posting for suggestions in the other thread however I thought that this is more of asking for a comparison of two headphones rather than asking for suggestion so started another thread (apologies if this was a bad assumption). Anyway, I was looking into purchasing a set of headphones and had narrowed it down to either the Ath-es55 or ATh-WS55(i) and have read many separate reviews of each however have not seen any direct comparisons. Just wondering if anyone who owns or has tried both could jump in with their experience(s). I seem to gather from various reviews that the ws55 is more bass heavy and perhaps a little less comfortable however apart from this I cant decide between the two.  Any help would be much appreciated, if however people feel there are much better headphones for this price range (up to £100) I may be open to suggestion.

Many thanks in advance.