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6/22/13 Denver Colorado Summer Meet  

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POST-MEET UPDATE: Impressions thread is here:


It's been a while since the last Head-Fi meet in Colorado and I thought I'd organize one for this year. Would like to encourage all local Head-Fiers to attend or anyone else afar that would like to!


Location is the same hotel as the last two Colorado meets (2009 & 2010) that I organized and we'll even have the same conference room as before, but half the space - just 1 room. I always thought having 2 rooms was a bit overkill for the number of people we had. wink.gif For Head-Fiers who've attended in the past, please note that the hotel has a new name and is no longer branded as a Red Lion.

LOCATION: Doubletree Denver Stapleton North (formerly the Red Lion), Aspen 3A
- Hotel Web site link: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Denver - Stapleton North

- Hotel address: 4040 Quebec St in Denver, 80216 (Stapleton area)
DATE: Saturday, June 22, 2013
TIME: 10 AM - 5 PM (room must be cleared by 6 PM)
COST: $10-$20 donations are requested to help cover the cost of the room but not required to attend. Any overages will be given back to Head-Fi. Bring extra cash for the auction (mentioned below) if you want to bid on a new pair of IEMs though!
POWER: main-line power strips and extension cords will be supplied, please bring enough power equipment for your own system though.

LUNCH/FOOD: Please note that the hotel will not allow any food inside the meeting room. For those who might want to make a "lunch rush" and are unfamiliar with the area, there's a Qdoba up the road across I-70 in the Northfield shopping area, and a Smashburger, Panera, & Subway just down the road on Quebec St (just giving some ideas).

MISC: This thread will be followed up with an "Impressions" thread later (after the meet) where everyone is encouraged to share their impressions (about the event in general, specific gear, etc).

All MOTs/vendors are welcome to attend or send out gear, please leave a post or send me a PM.

FYI for Meet Newbies:
- For those who've never attended a meet before, please refer to Siburning's Meet FAQ at the bottom of this Web page (start at "What's a Meet?"): Head-Fi Official NYC Annual Spring Meet Saturday, March 21, 2009--Gear List
- To add to Siburning's Meet FAQ, I'd also add this recommendation: bring your own music, be it CDs, a USB flash drive, or a portable DAP.



- HeadAmp (justin w.): Pico Power, Blue Hawaii SE & Stax

- Westone (Rachelle): UM1, UM2RC, UM3XRC, W1, W2, W3, W4R, Adventure Series - Mic capability (new for 2013), & ES5 universal demo



There will be an auction at the meet, in the same "No So Silent" style as the NYC meets! HeadAmp will be donating two pairs of the HiFiMan RE-400 and Westone is also throwing in two pairs of their brand-new Adventure Series IEM! Bring extra cash if you want to go home with any one of these IEMs! The auction will be held at 1:30 PM.

Sign up by leaving a post in this thread. Feel free to attend whether or not you have equipment to bring, the more the better! Friends or significant others are welcome too but please mention how many +1s.


Capacity of the room is 35 people so I have to set a limit at 35.


  1. arteom
  2. AudioCats
  3. barleyguy
  4. benjaminhuypham
  5. bixby
  6. BigCabDaddy
  7. clarinetman
  8. Effusion
  9. Gneiss
  10. Hi Rez
  11. indigosax
  12. JmanOfIsrael
  13. lilkoolaidman
  14. paradoxper (tentative)
  15. ujiko
  16. Vladco



Here's what I'll be bringing as part of my own system:

- Fostex TH900, Audio-Technica AD2000 & AD2000X, HiFiMan HE-400, MrSpeakers Mad Dog 3.2, & Paradox-modded T50rp

- HeadAmp GS-X MK2

- Plinius CD-101


New sign-ups: please post what equipment you'll be bringing. Note: complete systems tend to be more convenient to listen to than assorted headphones.

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Hmmmm, tempted as I'm relocating to the Denver Area by September this year and may need to go check on the new home build. Tentative for now and will likely be bringing an HD700 with me. Can bring an HE-6 as well if no one else in the area has one but seeing as you have the TH900 covered, will leave that at home.

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Hi Steve.  Please put me on the attendee list.  I plan to be there.


I don't have anything new in the headphone realm (my gear cravings lately have been in the speaker and recording realm), but I can bring my CTH amp, some HE-5 headphones, and a D10 DAC.  I've also got some Grado SR-225i headphones, and I will bring some sort of music source for the DAC.


Also, if you would like any assistance, please let me know.





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I may attend this meet. Pending what the plans are as this meet falls on my B-day.


I'd bring plenty of Schiit as well as Mad Dog, HD800, LCD-3, HE-6 and PWD.

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Would 6/22 still work for those who've posted so far? I have 5/11 booked right now but I'm thinking about re-scheduling for 6/22 since it'd allow more lead time.

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Either could do. 6/22 might be more manageable though.

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Originally Posted by Asr View Post

Would 6/22 still work for those who've posted so far? I have 5/11 booked right now but I'm thinking about re-scheduling for 6/22 since it'd allow more lead time.

That probably works for me.  I don't know my schedule out that far yet, but I can say 80% on it.

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Same here. I could re-arrange travel to Denver area for June, which is better than May.

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I just officially re-scheduled with the hotel for 6/22 and have updated the date in post #1.

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i'm in

HeadAmp Audio Electronics - home of the Pico and Gilmore amps.  Now with Audeze, Fostex, HiFiMAN, Sennheiser, and STAX.
Find us at

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Originally Posted by justin w. View Post
i'm in


Wow really? Wouldn't have expected you to sign up Justin, what gear would you bring?

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If Justin comes with BHSE and 007 + 009 then I'd really like to leave all my stat gear at home, which would help me tremendously.  I'm not sure my HE-60 are needed since the SR-009 seem like a warmer and punchier version of those, and the LNS sound too similar to the HE-500 to be worth bringing. 


I really need to step up and install my Perfectwave DAC mk2 board soon (sitting here since Nov 2012).  Then if it doesn't work I'll have time to send it to Boulder and have PSA install it the right way.  So I'll bring the Perfectwave DAC, with Nuforce CDP-8 and Macbook (or 160GB Apple TV) as transport.  


Amps would likely be a DIY KGBH, Eddie Current ZDT, and HiFiMan EF6.  Wasn't planning to bring the KGSS, DACmini, Nuforce HAP-100 or WA6 amps, although some peeps might want to try them out.  I just can't bring that much gear with me with my current health, but I'll consider special requests.


Headphones would probably be SR-009, SR-007, HD800, HD-600, LCD-2 rev3, HE-500 and HE-6 (with a variety of cables). I'd bring my LA7000 but I don't want anything to happen to them since they stopped making the D7000.  The Denon would be nice to compare to the Fostex which I really liked at RMAF 2012 (better than the pre-production from the year before).  The HF-2 #24 with no-typo, and custom woodied re-cabled SR-60 will stay at home.


If we do an donation auction-style fundraiser like in the past, I might donate a pair of Smeggy woodied SFI driver orthos, which we call Smeggy-Pucks.  I think Tyll measured these in his ortho contest a while back when he measured my HE-60.  Note - they do need strong amp.  I think they could fetch over $100 toward the room costs.  They were made with an AKG 240M headband, and I'm pretty sure the 120 ohm SFI drivers, not 32 ohm.  The cable is some kind of Star Quad or Belden type cable, with a nylon sleeve.  Any interest?

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HA, sounds like a plan! Should sell raffle tickets for an auction to raise money towards meet costs.

If I get a chance to hear the GS-X 2 with a TH900 (and can it drive an HE-6 efficiently enough?), I may be forced to plunk down cold hard cash on Justin's table for an order!
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Originally Posted by twizzleraddict View Post

HA, sounds like a plan! Should sell raffle tickets for an auction to raise money towards meet costs.

If I get a chance to hear the GS-X 2 with a TH900 (and can it drive an HE-6 efficiently enough?), I may be forced to plunk down cold hard cash on Justin's table for an order!


Paid raffle tickets aren't legal in Colorado unless the money is donated to charity, as in a non-profit.


I think an auction is a good idea though; I'd bid on the Smeggy-pucks.  I might also donate something to an auction towards room costs, though I'd have to decide what.


I'm about 80% for June 22nd.  I should know my work schedule in the next couple of weeks.  (I rarely work weekends, except for software deploys.)

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I am also about 80% mostly due to the long trip it would be for me. 

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