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Repairing headphones

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I've thrown out a number of perfectly good earphones over the years because the cord went bad.


I'm going to start repairing them.


What's the best size of braided nylon housing to get. 1/8"? that's the smallest it seems.


and for heat shrink...3/16? 1/4"?


anyone have experience doing this?

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This is the forum that you want, duh.  There are guides on making cables, thus you can also use them as references for cable repairs.


Those sizes of heatshrink are more for covering plugs, if you want to do that.  You want 1/16", 1/8", and 3/16" heatshrink, mainly.  You will be using them as strain-relief.  Adhesive-lined polyolefin heatshrink is preferred.

You should be able to find smaller sizes of nylon braid, or search eBay for mini-paracord.  You remove the paracord's core of nylon strands, et voilà, killer nylon braided sleeving!

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Anyone ever repaired Bose quiet comfort EC3, the ones that sit on your ear, not the ones that wrap around ears? One ear went bad. I use it primarily the NC. Thanks, Nicolas 

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