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O2+ODAC -or- Little Dot -or- FiiO E9 -or- DragonFly

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Either going to get the HD650 or a DT880/DT990.


Currently, I have an E7 which has been fine on my M50, but from what I understand - these upgraded headphones are going to require more. I'm mainly going to play off my computer.


I can get the E09K for $110 and plug my E7 into that.


I can get the O2 + ODAC (both separate pieces - so I can use them separately too) for about $320. (Is it worth effectively spending x3 over the FiiO?)


I can get the Audioquest DragonFly for $250. But even though it has an amp, I might need another amp too right?


Or, my friend suggested the Little Dot i+ amp for about $120. I'd still need a DAC so either my E7 or the ODAC?

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The little dot I+ is a really good amp for the price. You'd still need a dac. I'd also like to throw the Project Horizon inot the mix for those high impedance headphones. A sunrise II would work too but wouldn't deliver as much power to them.

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I should also add the Magni/Modi into the mix.


I'm starting to think I should probably stay away from tubes at first.

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E9 or Magni should be okay.  If you've got money to burn, you can get something more, but if you're just looking for something reasonable, no reason to replace the E7 as a DAC.  


Actually, if you don't demand the absolute best and don't listen that loudly, if it's HD 650 or one of the lower-impedance versions of the DT 880 / 990, you might be satisfied with just using the E7 as before.  I think you might be worth getting the headphones in first and trying it out, rather than upgrading multiple pieces at once.

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The reason I'm doing this upgrade now too is because I'm buying the 880, 990, and the 650 and want to make sure the headphones are getting to their (somewhat) full potential before I decide which ones to return.

It seems pretty unanimous through the threads that the o2 or magni are better than the e9.. I just don't know which of the two to get or if I should splurge just a little more if there's something significantly better for not much more money.
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