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Sound signature of Shure SRH-840's?

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Most people on here describe the 840's as being quite heavy, pronounced and lush in the mids, ok bass response, and clean highs.


However, Tyll from Inner Fidelity (whose opinion I respect very much) has said pretty much the opposite - that the 840's are forward in the bass and highs, giving the midrange a recessed, 'v'-shaped feel...


I'm a bit confused, because these opinions are sort of opposite...


So is the 840 'v-shaped' or mid-forward?



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The Shure SRH-840 are definitely not V shaped. They are mid-centric with the house sound of most Shure headphones. They have great bass impact and extension, especially for the price. Their treble to me are a little rolled off, so I wouldn't expect to much sparkle up top. Overall I would call the headphones somewhat warm.

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I agree with Greed. The bass is doesn't extend very deeply that shatter your ears but they are very strong and powerful. High is good but not as detail as my HD650 or bright as my MS2i. Each time I put them on, I feel their muscle they are also detail maybe not as good detail or separate than my HD650 but maybe it is also less fatigue to listen for long time. The mid is definitely the focus and very sweet. I also like to read tyll article, maybe the bass is hugh (not deep) that give that impression for music that are bass dominant and bleed into the mid a little but I don't think they are v-shape. Overall, it is very enjoyable headphones and my most go to headphones even they are not my greatest.

Sweet, warm and muscular sound.
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