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Is Schiit Asgard 2 better than a Fiio e9 ?

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Hi !

i have found a guy selling it

I read great opinions but also that it runs really hot.

Even the pot gets hot

I wonder if in the long term the heat could wear out some parts ...  pcb, components ... don't know

Most important,  how would you rate this headphone amp compared to a Fiio e9 that i already own ? rolleyes.gif

I am using mostly low impedance headphones.

Could it be a appreciable step-up in sound quality ?

Thanks a lot !



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From the Schiit FAQ:



So, this thing runs damn hot, like Asgard?
If by “damn hot” you mean 40-45 degrees C, then yes.

And you’re not concerned with that?
Nope. The entire chassis is a heat sink, and we’re running the outputs well within their safe operating area, even derating for the operational temperature. Sorry, some engineerese crept in there.

But it still runs hot!
And technically, that’s still not a question. If you want an amp that runs cold, it’s best to look elsewhere.

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All doubts solved !

Thank you very much indeed



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Do not even compare fiio to the asgard 2 they are different items
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Hello !

actually i have an opportunity to buy a Asgard 2 and already own a Fiio e9

I am trying to understand if the Asgard 2 would be a clear step-up in sound quality with low impedance headphones (I have a Grado sr225, jvc and others low impedance hps at hand )

I understand that is a complete different design, one discrete and the other with op-amps.

But what do you mean exactly when you say that a comparison is not possible ?

Thanks a lot for your reply

Kind regards,


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Perhaps it would be beneficial for you to visit the many threads here that are dedicated to Schiit Audio's magnificent gear.


I am the owner of several of Schiit's marvelous products and I can readily remark that, where FiiO is what I would consider "Middle of the Road" audio production adequacy,(I too have that FiiO 9, I use it for very casual listening with a set of closed-back cans during the summer when there's a fan running and I care rather less about superb sound quality than something that amplifies well enough to block the fan noise for me to doze off...), a kind of "general public" amplifier,...Schiit products are in a different class of build and sound quality. They are capable of elevating one's listening experience to excellence, instead of being kind of average, or "well that's good enough, better than without an amp..."

FiiO get's you there, Schiit takes you BEYOND, or DEEPER.


I guess the fact that I own a FiiO, yet still decided to purchase multiple Schiit products may be the best recommendation that I can offer you about buying the Asgard2.

The Schiit will exemplify your 'phones in a way that the FiiO can't, PERIOD.


And, remember, FiiO is, essentially, mass production. That's not really an advert for build quality, IMHO.

This sounds kind of snobby... but I won't even let my nicer cans,(Audeze, Senns, higher end Beyerdynamics), LOOK at the FiiO. 

Not that is can't make things louder....., it's just not good enough.



Getting Nice Headphones can only take you so far if you don't have he noise making gear to take those nice 'phones to their potential.


I'd really do it, if it were me, and I knew that Asgard2 is fully functioning, and all I had right now is a FiiO.



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Thank you very much indeed.

I understand now more clearly that they are products at different level of sound quality,

Thank you very much again for the kind and very valuable advice.

Kindest regards, normal_smile%20.gif


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Originally Posted by ginetto61 View Post

Hi !


I am using mostly low impedance headphones.

Could it be a appreciable step-up in sound quality ?

While A2 is very good with high impedance phones (600 Ohms), it is not very good with the low ones (32 Ohms), IMHO.


I tried it with DT990/600 and it was fun, but with T50p is sounded worse than iPhone 5 without any amp (T50p is very picky about the amp though). I did not see any posts reporting excellent result with other low impedance phones, although this does not mean they don't exist.


Besides, A2 had some issues with noise and electrical hum with low impedance phones; see my posts #168 and #171 in the main Asgard 2 thread (http://www.head-fi.org/t/650092/new-schiit-asgard-2/165#post_9226398)

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Thank you very much indeed for your helpful reply

Actually yes, my best HP is a Grado sr200, an old model i think, but i like it

And that is what i normally use

But i wanted to get an opinion on the Fiio e9 that i own as well

And i see that is on another and lower level. 

I suspected that anyway

Thanks and regards,


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I'm actually in the same boat. I was able to pick up a used HD650 a while back, and I've been pairing it with the Fiio E7/E9 for daily use for the last 2 years. These new schiit products have really piqued my interest, and I've been agonizing over whether or not I should upgrade to the A2 + Bifrost. It sounds like a new investment is well worth it.

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Hi ! I have been told to look also at the Magni as a possible upgrade from the e9

maybe it is more basic than the Asgard 2 but always a nice sounding product



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Well, I'll be sure to post my impressions when my Asgard arrives. I've never heard the Magni, but I'd assume it's about half-way between the Asgard and the Fiio, so I'll just interpolate and see what happens.

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From my experience:


I will never sell the Asgard. It just sings, especially with Sennheisers HD5XX and up. A perfect match.


In the office I use a Schiit Valhalla - but for my Senns I use the Asgard, use an nuForce icon HDP as DAC.


By the way in the office I use a Muse Audio mini usb DAC with my Valhalla and it's awesome. ;-) So it doesn;t have to be expensive to sound great.


I have yet to come to a headphone the Asgard cannot drive well.

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Hi !

as i said i am listening to the Fiio e9.   The TI chip inside has spectacular performance




But I see that the Fiio use 15V of power supply.

I have the feeling that a powerful and low noise dual +/-15V power supply would be so much better, really better

I think this TI chip can do much better and this is very unfortunate

I really do not understand why a chip is not used at its best.  This is wrong design for me.

Lately i have converted to "chip"  solution for audio, at least up to a certain power

Some commercial and high successfull units, like the truly exceptional MBL 6010D preamp (maybe one of the best solid state around), show that the right chip rigthly implemented can give sublime sound.

In the headphone camp the Grace M901 is built around a AD815, again a dual op-amp with impressive specifications.

The implementation of these high speed chips, by the way, seems very critical indeed. 

But this TI chip is good.  Very good. And can give a better sound. I feel this.

I will listen the Fiio with a better system in the next days but i really do not like this low voltage supply.

Could i try with 24V power supply maybe ??? Anyone has the schematic of this unit ?

Thanks a lot and kind regards,


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