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Recently, I get to demo these and thought will just give this a shot! It is a very nice set headphones and here's my though after having to listen to these for quite a long time! L3000.gif


Before I get started, please be noted that, these are my very first time with wireless headphones and so I can't compare with any other wireless headphones in this review. 


So here we go! 


Build Quality:

The entire unit feels a little fragile to me! It is mostly plastic housing but the earpads feels really good! There's a small area on the headband built with metal and that allows it to charge when it is hooked up to the very nice looking transmitter.



Simply one of the most comfortable headphone I have ever worn! The earpads are very thick and soft! Very fluffy feeling and most importantly, it does not make you sweat a lot. Not to mention, it is using Sennheiser's well known velour earpads. Those earpads can be found in many high end model of Sennheiser, HD598 for example but it is in different sizes. RS220 is wider and deeper. The same material is used. Following by the headband. It follows my head's curve nicely. All and all, it feels very lightweight considering its big size!



These are wireless headphones. It required a fairly big transmitter. The transmitter does not only does what it supposed to. It also a stand for the headphone! As you place the headphone on the transmitter, it will automatically charge after a few second and it does not take long! There is a volume rocker under the earcups and it is very convenient as you do not have to walk all the way to your transmitter to adjust the volume. Everything can be done using the control under the earcups


While it offers wide variety of features, excellent comfort and very great sound[will talk more about this later on], I have a slight signal issue with these. My music cuts after a while and get back on after a few second. I find it annoying! However, after switching off my devices Wi-Fi, things start to go smoothly but it is sometime hard to avoid this issue as friends might come over and use your house internet sitting next to you. You can't just force them to switch off their Wi-Fi just because you wanted to watch or listen movie/music! This can be a bit of issue unless you will be using it in your bedroom with not too many electronic activities going on!


Sound Quality:

I like how these sounds but some might not! Beginning from the lows, there's quite a lot in terms of quantity. It does not have that huge bass as I had experienced with the V-Moda Crossfade LP but it is quite a lot and definitely will make Basshead dance! With bass heavy tracks, the bass does get a little out of hand but with less bass heavy tracks, it gets better and well controlled. Mids are warm and creamy. It is dark sounding at the top. Overall, it is a warm and dark sounding headphone and reminds me of HD439 which shares similar characteristic but RS220 are more refined, wider soundstage and clearer. Overall it has dead background noise and a very wide soundstage. Details are lacking in comparison with most headphones I came across. I will highly recommend this if you are looking for full size open wireless home headphone! The tonal balance are great and so do instrument separation. Very easy to listen!


I am very surprised to see this headphone as I always though wireless headphones always carries a lot of sibilants, very weak sound, unatural sounding etc but this headphone completely change how I take wireless headphone although it is on the pricey corner!


Feel free to ask questions below!


Hope you like it!

Billson L3000.gif