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Hey local Montrealers, be sure to drop by the audio show this weekend at the Hilton Hotel. This year's show has added more headphone booths and demo stations throughout the hotel. You can visit Sennheiser and try out the HD700/800's as well as the new amps and the IE800. There are long tables at the basement level with over 50 headphone rigs from various manufacturers to try out. At the Bryston room, you can try out most Grado models up to the ps1000 on the bha-1. Hifiman headphones are also available at the show. At the Woo audio room you can try every amp he has to offer besides the wa-5; headphones included are k701,t5p, t90, t1, lcd2/3, hd800, and the stax omega and 009.

Above all this, you get to see and listen to incredible speakers and home theater systems from large manufacturers; things that can break the bank without difficulty!

Everything you see is most likely on sale at discounted rates, plus you get to try the items. It's a good opportunity to make a headphone selection.
Have fun guys, I recommend you go if you're a true audiophile!

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