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Not happy :(

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This is my first post so a warm hello to everyone !
I have been gleaning info from this forum for years and have bought amps/headphones/IEM from recommendations. I hav been happy with suggested buys such as my Ety 4S and also a pair of Senn 580.....Different sound granted but happy none the less.
I upgraded my portable amp to a desk based tube amp and seperate DAC, both of which were hand built by enthusiasts and have a great sound.
I know longer have the Senn 580, only use my Ety's un amped withh an ipod classic and the desk amp/DAC were stored away.
Im working from home on a permanent basis via a laptop in the spare room so descided to dust off the tube amp/DAC and look for a set of full sized headphones to make the my shift less boring.
After reading reviews I bougt a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50S and plugged everything up.....Not happy:(

To me the sound has no mids and very narrow soundstage which is not to my taste.
So hopefully I will be returning them for a refund very soon !

What I am looking for is a full size headphone to match up to my tube amp and seperate DAC combo. I am looking for a warm sound and nothing too analytical but must have a detailed sound with a realistic and not overblown bass very good mids and trebble but without sibilance as I really really hate that. A large soundstage is also important with instrument placement easily identified.

My music taste is wide and varied from rock, blues, pop with some classical.

Could you please suggest a headphone that would fit the above criteria but be within a £200 price budget.....
Not too much to ask then !

Kindest regards

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Consider Soundmagic HP100
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Originally Posted by Dafo View Post

Consider Soundmagic HP100


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Welcome! I don't know how much money that is is U.S.$, but see if you can demo the Alessandro MS2i.

They have nice bass, beautiful clear liquid mids (very detailed) and nice crisp highs without sibilance.

Overall they are beautifully wrm, full sounding detailed headphone IMO. I'm not sure if the soundstage will be to your liking, it's not huge, but it was fine for my liking.

The cost is 295$U.S., and they are an open back design, and are very easy to drive.

This is only a  recommendation for you to check out, but this is an extremely nice sounding headphone.

Good luck!

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Senn 600
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Senn 600
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Do you want open to closed headphones?

For closed you might want to look at the AKG K550
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Sennheiser Orpheus.

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HE-500 suits your requirements perfectly. But it is expensive

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

Sennheiser Orpheus.


Considering only 300 pair were made and what are the current going prices?  $7,000.  They are delicious headphones, though.

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Although it's a closed hp, the Maddog's fit your description and meets your budget. 



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Thanks for your replies. Now I have had decent headphones for a while its a case of wanting the ultimate sound for my budget. The best i can describe is above but i would say great mids, good soundstage, non boomy bass, sweet treble without sibilance(a must) and a big presence. matched up to a tube amp is where im at. I am so so disappointed with those M50S. If i can get a general consensus from you guys then i will go out and find somewhere to try them before i buy so really what im looking at is say the top 3 recommends from this thread before i track them down to have a listen. Thanks again.
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I dont know any phones within your budget, except the mad dogs, that fulfill all your criterias. Maybe the hd650?
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I'd agree with HD6xx.

You could read InnerFidelity's review to get a perspective of how they sound and the history behind these cans. smily_headphones1.gif
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I would look on the second hand market to get a better can if needs be, im not opposed to that.
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