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For Sale: Electret/Electrostatic clearout

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For Sale:
Electret/Electrostatic clearout

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I need to clean out my study, and these are going to be some of the first to go. Not necessarily trying to get rid of everything, but definitely trying to thin down the herd. If you want something, PM me with what you would like to pay. I'll entertain all reasonable offers. None of the headphones or adapters have any channel imbalance.


I have a couple of Stax Electret setups SR-30 with SRD-4 adapter ($125 shipped) and SR-80 with SRD-6/SB adapter ($150 shipped). Both are in 8 out of 10 condition if only for a few slight scuff marks on adapter boxes. Headphones are in near perfect shape given their age. Sold


I also have a pair of SR-Lambda's with SRD-7 adapter that are in fair shape. One of the grilles on the frame is broken as seen in the pic, and the earpads have slight cracks from age. Neither of these effects performance as these still sound amazing. Sold


I also have a pair of Koss ESP-9's that are in awesome condition as well. 9 out of 10 only due to age. ($180 shipped) Sold


Thanks for looking.

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