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Im looking to make my current portable rig even smaller. Right now im running a 5.5g ipod double amped with e11 and Z02 amp. This rig isnt huge but for some places I wish I had something smaller.

Im thinking about replacing the e11 with a new e12 and keeping that rig as my mid sized rig.

Im thinking for my new "mobile" rig I may look into one of the new nanos and single amp it with just a Z02. What are your guys thoughts on the new nano? Most of you guys are way more knowlegable than than me when it comes to what the pros and cons of DAPs are. I know one big con off the bat is the fact that it is apple and there is no rockbox for it. Besides that it looks like a sleek little DAP that would pair well with the footprint of the Z02.

By the way, this will run mostly with some jvc fxz200 with a LOT of bass heavy EDM.

thanks for your thoughts guys!

P.s. sorry about any bad grammer. Posting off phone at work smily_headphones1.gif