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!!!Noob looking for expert ideas/advice!!!

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Ive posted this elsewhere already but feel it may have been the wrong area since I got no answers at all! Not even answers telling me what a stupid question it is and how its been asked 75,000 times before. Which you expect at least a few of!


I have been thinking of getting a set of ATH AD700 headphones due to the rave reviews they have been getting here and elsewhere for some time now. I need them for gaming. 100% gaming.


I play FPS games on PS3 and do not have an Astro mixamp. I do however run my PS3 through HDMI to my Onkyo 509 (TX-NR509). So at the moment I already have great surround through my 5.1 system. I do however wish to be able to game chat and my wife cant take the noise and also practices piano in the same room. Which I cant take!  (I am aware there is no built in mic but I am willing to do a fix since these are apparently worth it for the quality...)


Now I am hoping I can save some cash and connect a set of AD700s through my audio receiver. Is this possible? I mean is this going to work in the same way? Will the directional positioning be as good? I get the impression that the standard Jack in most Audio Receivers doesn't output a surround signal. Does this mean the AD700s + AStro Mixamp is the only way to go?


I would love some ideas from you guys on the best bang for my buck I can get given the set-up I already have.




PS - I also have a Broken set of Tritton AX-Pro that Im trying to get fixed. All that is wrong with it is a loose cable at the point where it connects to the headset. Is there any kind of DIY fix I can do with the tritton Mix-Amp that will work.



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A quick google search found some nice looking surround sound headphones for under $100 bucks... but the last word in the thread title is advice. Take it from a guy who has owned almost every console since pong in 1975...every minute you spend on gaming is a minute your wife has to find something to do on her own...Very dangerous. 

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HAHA... Thanks for the sage advice. I myself have been console gaming only since NES and have most good consoles made since then... But that aside this is not really the advice I was looking for. My wife and I are on firm ground and my gaming is not a problem. Thankfully!!


The real problem is wanting to get a good headset for directional positioning without spending 100s of Euro on it! And really what I was trying to find out is whether or not the ONKYO 509 outputs a signal that surround headsets or the ad700s can use. Specifically if  plugging into the headphone jack provides the same or similar signal to the Astro MIxamp.

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