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For Sale:
ipod 5.5g 80GB with Rockbox preinstalled, Fiio E5 Headphone amp, and Fiio L9 LOD for sale

Will Ship To: Continental US

For sale is my ipod 5.5g with 80GB internal storage, my Fiio E5 headphone amp, and my Fiio L9 LOD.  The unit is in good condition(obviously used quite a bit).  I bought the unit used at a Gamestop around 2 weeks ago, with the intention of doing a DIYmod on it, but I'm too busy with school and other projects to actually do it.  The system has Rockbox preinstalled, but I can return it to stock before I send it out.  I asked the guy at Gamestop about the unit, and he claimed that it was sold to the store, and sent off to be refurbished(high probability of only having the HDD cleared, MAYBE a new battery).  There are scratches on the front and back, no dings or deep scratches.  The battery is WAY better than expected; The battery lasted a week on one charge with a few hours listening daily.

The Fiio E5 and L9 have been used pretty extensively, but are still in nearly perfect condition.

The $85 covers shipping to the continental US and Paypal fees.  I am willing to ship worldwide, for an increase in price(depending on where you want it shipped).

The package also comes with a new USB cable, a pair of unused ibuds, and a wall charger->USB.

Sorry for the bad quality photos.  I tried to reflect the overhead light on the front and back in a couple pictures to show the scratches at their WORST.

Cheers! I hope someone can do more with it than I did.