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Hey guys I've got a SR-325i and the cable is pretty mangled (due to headphone cups rotating too much), I've gone ahead and purchased a few items to recable it. Got 11ft of Mogami StarQuad 2534, a 1/4" Neutrik plug, some nylon and adhevesive lined shrink wrap for sheathing them. I'm about to go look at my local electronics shop for a decent soldering iron (probably won't splurge on a welding station) and I've been reading up/watching videos on soldering, but I am still a noob, and the idea of ruining the voice coils on my Grados is quite daunting. My two main questions are A) should I completely desolder the currently attached cables (heat up solder pads with iron, and pluck existing cables out) or should I leave a small length of wire attached to the drivers and solder to it? and B) If I do solder directly to the pads, would pressing the iron to the solder pads to get it heated up so solder flows properly, would I be risking damaging the voice coils(obviously over too much time it would probably damage it, but whats a general time frame that they would be safe within)?


Thanks, Derek