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Burn In JBL J33

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I recently bought my JBL J33 IEM's. I wanted to know if these need Burn In and if yes, then for how long and from where can I get the tracks?
The bass is already great of these IEM's

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Apparently I'm one of the few other people on here who has J33s as well. I've put at least 150 hours if not vastly more into them and I am incredibly happy with them. I don't have much reference, but I really enjoy their sound. They're incredibly flexible. While I don't know much about burn in, I recently bought a pair of JVC FXZ-100, which are about three times the price.... but the J33 still sounds better IMO. The sub-bass isn't quite as pronounced, but everything else is still better about them. They're faster, crystal highs, present mids and moving bass. The FXZ-100's made me appreciate the J33's quality single driver, and I do feel after listening to them for months that the sound has become slightly (just slightly) better. I just listen to a lot of AWONATION really loud, his tracks should give them a good workout.

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i bought my pair yesterday, i haven't played them much because i do not find the sound very clear. my  previous headphones (ep 630) were not very good but they output sound which was pretty crisp and clear. would i be able to get such output from these too? after the burn in? if not then i just can't blame anyone other than myself, because i was saving since long(also i don't earn) to buy these.

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Aw man after 2 days of researching over the Internet ive made da list shorter to j33 and sony xb30 ex and boss lE2 im totally confused !! I hav a sennheiser hd 202 and its awesome da bass s not dat impressive but da clarity s good , so guys plz suggest me an awesome earphone for under 2500 rs ...plzz smily_headphones1.gif
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