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It's actually very rare for me to buy music, and no, I am not implying that I am a pirate.


A lot of the artists I listen to are really cool, and they're always releasing their tracks for free. I've collected about a dozen gigs of just free stuff, by now.


I've got it easy.

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How it usually goes.
1. Youtube my song
2. If I like it, techno/electro/dubstep/indie from bandcamp, CD's on sale, and foreign/hard to find music I get from amazon or ebay. If it's extremely hard to find my music, I may decide to go as far as to sail the seas until I can find where to buy it. Especially music from anime's, those are hard!

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Most of the time I get music from iTunes. I usually listen to it on YouTube as well, and if I like it, I'll go buy the proper version. That way I get better quality and stuff from iTunes. Sadly, it isn't in my budget right now to go out and buy full physical copies of discs. Usually I'm buying things on a song to song basis.

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you're all gonna laugh, but I like my HD mixes on youtube

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So they practically kick you out if you don't contribute?


 When I get money (tfw poor) I'm going to start up a vinyl collection and feel good about myself

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CDs, an occasional iTune.

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Guys, we don't allow the discussion of illegal music downloading here. Please understand that some of the posts already made about it may be edited/removed.

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I buy cd's and rip them

I buy vinyl albums and play them

I download hd tracks


guess I am sucker and and spend a lot of $, but somebody has to.

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