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RCA splitter or switcher?

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Hi there. I'm about to receive a Schiit Magni and Modi. I want to use the Modi DAC for both my headphones and for my speakers being fed through a stereo amp. My question is would be preferable to use some cheap y splitters or get a RCA switcher? Obviously only one amp will be on at a time, the headphone or stereo amp. Could there be any problems?


I was thinking of something like this:



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I use the radio hack version... no problems running 2 amps simultaneously.  I could probably stack another one and branch it off 3x if I wanted to.



I have used one of these too, but they are not quite as robust.  Although layout-wise for me its a better option because it doesn't disperse the RCA cables every which way.

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Thanks for the reply. What's the 'radio hack version'? Also, what's your chain of wiring look like? Cheers.

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Or are you talking about a particular brand of splitter?

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This one here is the one I use...  note you'll need 2x of them for R/L stereo.



This will also work (2x for stereo)...



So will this one (2x for stereo)...



Radio shack is commonly referred to as "rat shack" or "radio hack" in DIY circles.  There are probably other names (some not so nice)  for it.



Wiring chain from end to end goes like this:

Macboolk Pro mini toslink => optical cable => DAC => RCA splitter => RCA interconnect #1 and #2

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So a splitter won't reduce the output voltage of the DAC?
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I am not sure...  I think its supposed to.  But honestly I hot-swap amps in and out and I can't hear any reduction or change in sonics when I do.  I'll be listening to one amp by itself, and carefully plug a second amp in.  I don't make a habbit mind you.

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Just to follow up, I emailed Schiit and asked if using a splitter was a bad idea. His response:



Nope, it works fine—we use splitters all the time.


I'm sold.

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Ah cool, thanks guys.

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Just to update; I'm using the splitters, they sound fine to my hears. Haven't done strict comparisons, but I can't hear any degradation.

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I just ordered these RCA splitters for my FiiO E09k.


I take there shouldn't be any problems with sound degeneration? I'll insert them into line-out for speakers and active subwoofer.

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Vs: RCA splitter or switcher?

A bit of a tight fit due to vertical placement of connectors. But I managed it biggrin.gif
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