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Omaha NE Head-Fi Meet April 20, 2013! - Page 4  

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Okie-Dokie, my T20rpmkii arrived back in today.  I am excited to be able to showcase a stock(ish) T50rp and fully modded DBV#3!  

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Conductor arrived yesterday despite snow. I wanted to bring it sealed but just couldn't wait. Listened to both lcd3 and at900 last night. I think you guys will like this, i sure do. I'll still bring Bifrost and lyr for anyone who wants to listen but Asgard isn't working. I know we have one coming already though. I found a few other surprises ( gear I almost forgot about or haven't used for awhile) i'll put in my boxes also. Getting excited and looking forward to tomorrow.

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For those who may check this before the event tomorrow, please bring a surge protector.  We will have to share outlets.  I will be bringing my Belkin PF60 and am happy to share space.


See everyone tomorrow!

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A good time was heard by all at our Head-fi meet! Thanks to all who participated and we'll hope to  see you again next time! Larry and Tim run a great dealership and are very easy to work with!

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Thanks everyone for the awesome equipment - it was awesome! Also, thanks for anyone who helped run the meet - it was well organized and pretty kick-ass, I'll admit.

Looking forward to more! Hopefully next time have a few more goodies to share with all of you!


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