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what are the best earphones that works for me?

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I want to buy some new earphones. I once had a Phillips(don't remember the model) 5 years ago that was amazing.  I never heard any earphones that were louder or clearer(lost it). so some few days ago I decided to buy something way beyond the typical 25-50$ earphones. price isn't an issue here. 


my problem is I listen to almost everything. but mostly heavy metal and classical music. yeah they don't mix. 


I saw that the top earphones list. read reviews etc, I need something that is good for both classical and heavy metal. I need it to be very loud. but also clear. the bass is a must. 


I bought a Sony mdr-nc33 with noise canceling, that needs 1 AAA battery. it is not loud enough. nor the bass was good. the sound is somewhat clear. I want something better. to be honest. a nameless Chinese earphone was way louder. but it is terrible anyways. 


I saw different models from westone, earsonics, etc. too many different earphones that got me so damn confused that my head started to ache. and I am no expert


price isn't an issue. but I will only buy one. since I prefer having just one set that will work for everything.

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Sorry to break this to you, but you will really need to go and try a few pairs - myself and others can only tell you what's good for 'me'. Personally, I find the Amperiors to be excellent for a decent bass kick and a very good all round sound, yet others feel they don't...

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just remembered. I also tried Dr.dre earphones. not that awesome. I do not own them. just tried them for 15 minutes. glad I didn't buy one. I don't know why, but I am having a hard time choosing. I am thinking of either earsonics sm3 or westone 3. 


it seems beats is just a hype. since Dr.dre is not a real doctor. 


ok. I just read some damn confusing reviews about westone w3 and westone um2.  some say this one. the others said that one. 


this is like comparing blue and red and which color is better. I think I'll just buy one and see how it goes.

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Yeah, the Dr. Dre ones suck. I have the Westone 3's and can recommend them. However, they do have a bass boost that might be considered too much by some classical aficionados. If you want more neutral, the UM3X's are the more neutral equivalent from Westone. What's great about their IEM's is that despite their size, they fit very well in your ear, so they make a good seal and don't fall out easily.

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thanks for this info. I have a question please. since you own the w3. how loud are they?. because not all earphones are loud. I was impressed that a cheap Chinese earphones were louder than my sony mdr nc33. although it is 10 times the price. it is 100$, so I don't think it can be compared to a w3. or any of those high grade earphones. since a less than 10$ earphones was way much louder. sure the sound quality isn't the same but it is not that good anyways. I am hearing some stuff as if there was dust in it. so about the w3 , it is very important to know if the w3 earphones are loud or not. I know that some earphones you cannot turn the volume more than 50-75%. I had one but unfortunately that was years ago and I lost it. I am very interested in the w3 and I want to buy it. and thank you
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You can get an amp to drive your earphones louder if you need to. Fortunately, though, the W3's are very efficient, and get loud at lower volume settings than most IEM's I've tried. Plus, with the amount of detail they have, you'll probably find that you don't feel the need to listen as loudly as you usually do. When playing them out of my Zune HD I find that 12/30 is a pretty good, fairly loud volume. Going to 15/30 isn't unbearable, but it's loud enough to be uncomfortable for extended listening.

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thanks. much appreciated.I read also that the sound source plays a significant role. and there are some digital players than can adjust the balance of the L/R of each earphone. since I always feel that my left hears less. so I get the feeling that everything is shifted slightly to my right ear. I have a program that is called rocket media player that does it on my Samsung Galaxy note. my problem is that I need something smaller. 3.5 inch max. and I am not an iphone/ipod fan although I have an ipad3. so does the Zune HD has this feature? since I am also thinking of buying one.....and btw, just placed an order for the W3 :).
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No, the Zune HD doesn't do that. They've been discontinued anyway, so it would probably be hard to find them. Sansa and Cowon make players that get good reviews at their respective price points, but I'm not sure if either have that feature.


Hope you like the W3's!

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I came to thank you for these incredible earphones. it took the w3 a  long time to come, I just received them today. IT WAS WORTH THE PRICE AND TIME!.I felt like I was hearing music for the first time in my life. the sound was AMAZING. this is unbelievable. I can't put it down. this is unlike anything I ever tried. not Dr Dre, not Bose. not like any earphones I tried before. I was literally blown away in the first few secs.


yes it is very loud. more than enough for me. I bought myself a cowon which is way better than my phone. max volume will blow my head off. and I'll be ripping all my Cd's into flac instead of 128 mp3.


and seriously where on earth I was living?  I thought that any earphones above 100$ is overpriced + overrated, since I was thinking there won't be anything that significant and boy how wrong I was. with these earphones I feel like I am inside the music. just wow. I can't describe it. 


so thank you very much, I am very grateful for your advice. you really changed the way I see music!. 

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Very glad to hear that you like them so much! The W3's are actually the IEM's that stopped me from buying more IEM's... They fulfill my needs for an IEM perfectly.

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