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Hello guys!


I have build a headphone amp called "ihybrid nano II",  which is designed by a korea guy called "sijosae", the sound quality of this little amp is really really great!

I think many people here were already known this famous guy who had designed & build many fantastic headphone amp.


And now I have an idea is that I want to connect this headphone amp to other little watt power amp lets said like 5W or 10W or may be 20W to see what kind of sound quality will come out.

May be you think this is not a good idea but I'm just really want to try it...hi hi


However, we all know that the output level of a headphone amp is not suitable to connect to power amp,

unless you have line out or preamp function of your headphone amp.


So, is there any person have idea to modify the "ihybrid nano II" to let it have line out or preamp function?
Of course, the headphone jack out function must still there. is "ihybrid nano II" webpage for your reference:



So, any idea?