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need some advice on $300-$400 universals

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looking at either the heir 4.ai or maybe westone um3x/4r..... prefer a warm rich sound that does well with vocals and bass


im not keen on waiting a month+ for the heir's though... westones look like a good alternative... been out of the audio scene for a while just using my RE0 + TF10 for years but looking to upgrade now


any other suggestions for universals? dont think i want to go the Custom route



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Warm and rich - the Westones are much more substantial in that area. The 4.Ai has a slight bump of bass/warmth but the overall tonality is still quite cool compared to the W4s. I don't like suggesting stuff that I'm personally partial against (these are my main sets after all), but in this instance, will probably point to the W4s. The SM64 seems interesting for this sort of the (the SM3 predecessors sound a lot like what you're wanting - rich and full sound with bass and vocals) but haven't heard the new ones so can't comment on that too much.


Hate to link this though, but - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here



Oh, 3333th post, nice.

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The Heir Audio Tzar 90's are pretty warm/sweet to my ears. Another option may be the Earsonics SM3 v2, but durability is a concern. I would say either try the options you or i mentioned, or get a custom in that range like the 1964 Ears V3 which is supposedly very warm and sweet,

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Can't go wrong with the W4R, but the UE900 or SA7 maybe good for you too.

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I've had both the UM3X and W4R and both coupled with silver dragon cable as well. IMO, both IEMs are quite different in their sound signature. Same as you, I was coming from the TF10 previously. Upon the switch from TF10 to UM3X was a total change in sound signature. The TF10 does very well in the bass region and treble extension, however, with recessed mids. The UM3X is more of a mid-centric IEM with a bass boost. Bass quantity wise, the UM3X falls slightly short against the TF10 but both impact and body is still present. IMO, I prefer the bass on UM3X more as it is tighter and extends slightly deeper. The UM3X does extremely well with vocals and puts you right in front of the singer. Instrument separation is amazing. Best in it's class. However, the soundstage is constricted though and IMO, the treble lacks energy and does not seems to extend well enough. This is a huge contrast against the TF10. The UM3X does very well with rock music. The W4, on the other hand, is tuned more to "balanced". Nothing is overly emphasized on. The W4 does have a slight mid bass boost. Vocals on the W4 is extremely lush and smooth. Mids are very well positioned. Details and instrument separation is great. Though not as amazing as UM3X. Treble is more energized than the UM3X and is tuned to be extremely smooth and non fatiguing. Again, comparing to the TF10, the treble on TF10 sports a higher energy. Soundstage is very good on the W4. Bass wise, the W4 loses out to both TF10 and UM3X in terms of quantity. But it does extends deeper than both of them. The W4 is more to the warm side due to it's mid bass boost. The W4 will be more suited to genres such as classical, pop etc. IMO, both IEMs are great. It depends on your personal taste, preferences and music collection.
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W4 and UM3X might be a bit boring.  Both lack sparkle and crispness.  UM3X has the better bass but very small soundstage, W4 has less bass but a large soundstage.  Go with the W3.  It's the UE11 of universals.  Big, tight bass, big soundstage, very extended treble.  Slightly recessed midrange but it has a dedicated midrange driver with a true 3-way crossover so it's not like it's void, just not as forward as many others. The new fad/FOTM with these quad-drivers is balance and neutrality (UE900, W4) but W3 is still the funnest most musical IEM Westone makes and can be had for $260 right now at Earphone Solutions with "GOLDEN" coupon code.  Literally a steal!

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i appreciate the responses, i'm set on buying some Westones now, thanks for the heads up on the coupon code, W3 for $260 seems like a steal, any reason to pay extra for the um3x or 4?



edit: bit on the $260 W3's from earphonesolutions... hope its a nice change from TF10


/thread - thanks

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Sweet this is great.  I was eyeing for the W4R too and with this code can really save me some money.  Thanks for sharing.

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