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I wish these had a tighter grip for better isolation.  I can at least get a decent seal.

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Originally Posted by tribestros View Post

I didn't like the way the 380 sat on my head, I didn't get a very good seal. They seemed a bit bright on the high end and kind of lacked that super deep bass the 280 have. Which could be because they didn't seal very well.

Well lucky for me I have a large head. They sound more precise than the 280 to me. The bass is right on the money as well.
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Necro-posting because I just got a pair of these mint second-hand from a Head-Fi member. Better than my AKG K240s. What's the next step up without breaking the bank? :biggrin:

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I got over HD380 after A/B'ing it with my DT770Pro-250.  The Beyer makes HD380 sound colored overall and muffled in the bass.  K545 is an alternative if you end up not being convinced by DT770 for whatever reason(s).

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