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Help with surround sound cables

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Ok so my DVD player has broke and I'm thinking since i can play DVD off my xbox do i really need replace DVD player? but i want to keep my surround sound system working. Here is picture of the connection coming from my surround sound system..... can i get this to fit into my TV ? is there a connector box or something i can connect them all to? i can solder is this an option? grateful for any help i can get thanks

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I've never seen that cable before, what surround sound system are you using? All systems I know use and HDMI connection - by now mostly v1.3 or 1.4 - from the source (computer, game console, video disc player, media playeretc) going into the receiver, audio data gets processed in there while video is routed to the HDTV; audio after processing goes out the speaker output terminals on the back.

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I had some speaker connectors like that in a HTIB (home theater in a box) from Sony.  Those would plug into the unit, which was combo DVD and Amplifier.  What you are showing is the end of the speaker wires?  If so, you can cut those off and connect to any other amplifer, perhaps even your TV if it has amplified outputs.


Mostly people have the DVD (or your game console) plugged into and AV amp (5.1 on up) via an HDMI cable.  Another HDMI cable then goes to the TV, and the speakers plug into the back of the AV amp.  You usually can just cut off those connectors and use bare wire connections to the amp.

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hi i have the same issue with cables hope this will help you theres a 2 hole on the attachment of the connector both press it down hard a little bit both and pull the wire off the attachment and remove the wire by using a nail cutter or nail clipper and put back the wire by soldering it, enjoy its like brand new.

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