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Sony MDR-SA3000 -Versus- MDR-MA900 ?

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Has anyone had prior experience with both?...  Looking for general feedback, comments and preferences.


Do they offer anything, or is there anything they do that the K701/702 can't.  I have an old, well used K701 (bass-shy serial number era, although I personally don't find it bass shy at all with my amps)... so I guess we can use that as a baseline for comparison.



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No experience with the MA900 however the SA3000 is my go-to headphone because of it's accuracy. While no direct comparison I found the K701 a bit boring whereas the Sony has a sparkle that exaggerates details.

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H Kramer, It's good to see you back and active again. I was barely around in the good ol' days when you were an integral part of the community but i do remeber fondly your famous thread about the KSC75 mod which was very cool and effective. So this is my little oppurtunity to give you somthing back in return. :)


While i can't draw a direct comparison because i never heared the SA300 but i've read several of Graphisicm's refernces to the SA5000' (Which i owned and still have a free access to) that indicate that they're obviulsly quite similiar albeit even lighter in tonal balance and possibly brighter.The K701 I had a couple of years ago (the same time with the SA5000) recabled with the Moon-Audio Black Dragon and a WA6 and the MA900 until recently driven with an objective 2 amp. same DAC as in my profile.


I assume your prefernces are mainly for Rock-based music? What are you looking to imprive from the K701? I can tell you straight away that MA900 has warmer and somewhat fuller sound than the AS-IS K701s, but while more bassy they are somwhat messy with transition from bass to mids, in comparison, and thus don't have the same kind of precision and seperation the the K701 possess, closer to the Senn approach.  

I found them to be too warm and a but dark for alternative rock and metal but perform admirably nice with pop/rock and vocal singer-songwriter, They are very natural sounding with human voices, I'd say defintely moreso than SA5000/SA3000 and K701, to a lesser extent.

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Hey thanks for that feedback and the warm welcome back.


OK hm sounds like the MA900 might suit me then.  Theres nothing I dislike about the K701, just looking for a warmer, bassier more forgiving presentation for poorly recorded material.  All my cans are pretty bright and can be downright punishing on bad recordings.  The HF1 is my most forgiving can, but even that has the Grado signature.  I listen to just about anything.  The Q701 and RP50 orthos are also on radar... actually I'm kind of leaning towards the RP50.  But I like the "ear-speaker" design of the Sonys.



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Sans "bassier" the MDR-F1 would be a fine candidate (they're *hellishly* unforgiving of compression artefacts, but absolutely fine with poor recordings); no idea on the MA900 though. From owning the SA5000, I'd say they're moving in the wrong direction for what you want. redface.gif
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I have the SA5000 and the MA900, and the SA5000 is definitely more cold and aggressive. The MA900 is a nice comfortable headphone with a warmish tone. 

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