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Did anyone try calling the number to see if he picks up? Maybe a girl with a sexy voice could get some information out of the guy?

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unfortunately those pictures are pretty bad. There isn't much of a face to go off of. 

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Ban hats and sunglasses, ask for ID. and install Front cameras, that can get a clear picture of any customer that comes up the counter. 


Never Again.

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Wow. Having guts to spend $16k of someone else's money. Hope that guy gets caught.

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$#%^##$%& What a scumbag!! I live in Kansas but you never know these amps might turn up here or him. Hope you catch this thief and recover your amps.

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K-MONEYI've identified the thief...it's me. View Post


I could think of more tasteful jokes than this. rolleyes.gif

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I think expensive gear should have GPS tracking devices internally, seriously. 

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Maybe Todd should put a want Ad (use fake name) for those kind of amplifiers in the local Craigslist, the thief might answer it.

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I say electrocute his groin.

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Unless this person scammed these for his own use, I highly doubt he still has the goods, or is still trying to sell them 6 months after the fact.  Not sure why this didn't get publicized earlier.  If he sold them somewhere online, it would take some serious google forensics to track him or the goods down.  

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Wow, this is in my 'hood, will keep my eyes on local Craigslist, eBay...

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opps...it's not the item we're looking for....sorry

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my gut tells me a credit card thief this advanced would not bother selling it on the open market.  He either bought it for himself or he will be extremely discreet with regards to a sale. 


Todd, I advise you to inform the manufacturer of these two serial numbers so that if they need servicing in the future there may be a way to create a paper trail.

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