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Let's Catch A Thief!! (Update: CAUGHT!)

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2013-04-06 UPDATE: Thanks to tips and an ongoing investigation by the Torrance Police Department, Todd's gear was recovered, and back in his hands. Even better, not only were the $14,700 EAR 509 amps in this thread recovered, but so was the $10,000 Apex Pinnacle that was stolen previously!

Kudos to the Torrance Police department for working with any tips they were given, and doggedly investigating and pursuing those responsible.
As for the details: As I understand it, the Torrance Police are still hard at work on the case. As more details are released, we'll post them here.



TTVJ (Todd The Vinyl Junkie) is owned by Todd Green, a longtime supporter of this community, and a friend to thousands of Head-Fi'ers. On September 17, 2012, TTVJ was ripped off badly. From TTVJ's website:


Quote from TTVJ's website:

Originally Posted by Todd Green View Post


This guy had the guts to order the EAR 509 Monoblock Power Amplifiers from us with a stolen credit card and provided quite a bit of the card owners information - even a credit card bill for the card used.


The serial numbers on the amps are 12391001 and 12391002


We would be mighty thankful for any help you can give us in identifying this guy. Needless to say that his theft of $15,700 has put a hurt on us and we would like to return the favor and possibly recover our amps.


Todd is very genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever met in this industry, so I hope we'll be able to help him out.


If you recognize the guy in the photos below (or even if you just think you recognize him), please contact the Torrance Police Department at 310-328-3456. Please also do the same if you see EAR 509 amps for sale, and suspect that they might be related to this theft.


Please look carefully at the information and photos below (click on the poster to see it full size). Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.



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Thanks Jude, I live in this area and will keep and eye out.  I also have a buddy in the fraud department of Torrance PD and I'll ask him for any additional details.

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SoCal here, but I don't recognize him at all.  Still, I'll keep an eye out for people dressed like poseurs.

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I will help to look at hiend audio market around socal and audiogon
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What a scumbag. These kinds of horrible people are what ruin an open and trusting community like this one.

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Ouch. That's awful.

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Also he wears sandals with jeans.

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all you cali folks should print that out or have it saved on your phone, and ask around.

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We should look into Ebay too, the thief might sell it on Ebay.

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Totally bang out!!

Unfortunately I cant do much from the UK but I hope you find him real fast guys!

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Originally Posted by gmahler2u View Post

We should look into Ebay too, the thief might sell it on Ebay.


I suppose you could also try Craigslist, Amazon etc etc aswell.

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Originally Posted by the_thatguy View Post

Also he wears sandals with jeans.
It's That Guy! tongue.gif
Hope you guys catch him! People can be so inconsiderate... frown.gif
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Heya All!
I put up a wanted as for one of these for $6,500.
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The scumbag picked up the amps seven months ago! I hope that law enforcement is able to research the histories in all the likely  forums, and are they able to expand the photographs to give a

more useable picture? I hope he gets caught and punished.

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Wow, sucks. I hope they can find this guy and send him to jail.


I was taken for about $300. once on eBay, which really hurt, but that is nothing compared to $15k!

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