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Replacing Shure SE215 - looking for feedback on other good IEMs for EDM.

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I was going to ask this in the SE215 first impressions thread but my question got a bit long so I created a new thread - hope that's OK!
I've had the SE215s for just over two years, bought as a replacement for some SE210s with a cracked cable, which were given as a warranty replacement / free upgrade for some E2cs which also suffered cable cracking. Now the cable is starting to lose connection around the jack and the sound crackles occasionally. I have been extremely happy with the SE215s, even to the point that I don't really care if Shure IEMs only seem to last about two years for one reason or another. I hammer them every day on my commute, in the gym and for running. I probably use them for at least 12 hours a week; they get sweaty, rained on and generally treated with insufficient care, so $100 for two years' of that still seems pretty decent.
I might try my luck getting a replacement cable from Shure (just outside of 24 months, but Shure customer care have been very good in the past so it's probably worth a shot). Failing that a replacement cable is $40 and with a new set of SE215s only $100 I am considering whether it might be better to replace the whole lot and have a set for spares / repairs later. However, I've been reading head-fi a bit more recently and become more aware of some of the other IEMs in the same price bracket. I'm currently considering:
Westone 1
UE 700
Klipsch X10
So I'm after some thoughts from people who've owned the SE215s as well as any of these and can give me some comparative feedback. I listen almost exclusively to electronic music, and while I'm not a fan of the artificial basshead (Beats Audio etc) sound, I definitely like 'phones that deliver a strong natural bass. This is something I've found the Shures are excellent at, but I've just got myself a set of V-Moda Crossfade M-100s for home use which I absolutely love, so I wouldn't mind an IEM with a touch more bass as well. I use the largest Shure foam tips which I find very comfortable and the noise isolation is epic, so very happy in that respect too.
I'm also looking at the SE215 Limited Edition "with enhanced bass" -- I've read some of the big thread on these and seen a number of posts comparing to the standard SE215s, and most people's opinions seem very positive assuming you like the standard ones.
My main daily source is a Nexus 7 connecting digitally to a FiiO E07K via USB on-the-go*. I also use them with a SanDisk Clip Zip when I go running and a Samsung HS3000 bluetooth headset paired with my phone when I'm in the gym. As I'm considering whatever I buy as basically 'daily use disposable' with a two year projected lifespan, I don't really want to spend over $150.
I'm based in Singapore so anything I consider has to be available here or sold somewhere that ships internationally (so Amazon is out).
* I bloody love this by the way. I mostly did it as proof-of-concept geekery for curiosity's sake and possibly for bringing instead of a laptop when I travel. I thought it'd be crazy to carry it with me on the train every day, but it's so good I really can't bring myself to go back to using the analog output on my phone...
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feel free to consider between Shure SE215 Special Edition (the one w/ blue color) and EarSonics SM64. You should hear a bit improvement from the "standard" SE215, just a bit. w/ SM64, you will hear more improvement, but not "that" much. You can ask Jaben for availability (no promotion here, since I do not have any affiliation w/ them).
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Not sure if you have access to the Logitech UE 900 replacement cables from their site or locally.  Replaced my stock SE215 cables with them and have been very happy.  Only $15 before shipping here but your location may kill the deal.  Worth checking in to though if you are truly happy with the 215's.

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