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Sennheiser HD558 vs HD650 comfort only.

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Just about to get the HD650 as an upgrade over my 558s. Just looking at clamp strength and overall comfort, are these about the same?


Directing this at people who have both or have tried both.


Thanks! smile.gif

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In my view, both have a similar fit / clamp -- initially.  However, the plastic on the HD-558 is of a bit lesser quality and tends to give a bit over time.  The HD-650 tends to be more rigid.


I've owned: HD-428s, HD-555, HD-595, HD-558, HD-600, HD-650.  I currently have, and will keep: HD-555 and HE-600.  On my current HD-555, the headband ended up being a bit too loose.  I purchased it 2nd hand with a few miles on it.  However, I've reinforced the headband with a thin strap of aluminum and it has held its shape well.  I then covered it in leather, so it would be classed up a bit.


Have you tried the HD-600 vs HD-650?  Most people leap towards the HD-650 because they might think it's a bit more of an upgrade leap.  However, it all comes down to preference as to what your ears prefer.  In my case, the HD-600 was the one.  However, there is nothing wrong with the HD-650 and I'd move into another pair, if I had a need or space for another.  Also, though, don't overlook the qualities of the HD-558 either.  The Sennheiser "5" series is quite a good performer.  Less so with regard to the HD-515, HD-518, but the HD-555, 558, 595 and HD-598 do well with some good amplification too.

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Thanks wje, sounds like ill be ok with the clamp of the 650.


Comparing the 600 and 650, I've done sooo much reading now and I just can't see any negative in getting the 650, seeing as I'm sensitive to sound that's too forward, high pitched or bright. I actually sometimes feel the 558 sound is too forward for me, depending on the material.


But... lol I'll ask anyway. What was the most glaring difference(s) you noticed between the two?


I've been told by the place where I'm buying from, that they are very similar. The 650's improved bass is what swayed me and I'm not too worried about the layed back sound. I've read that this is often exaggerated and its not a problem at all with a good amp, especially for someone with my preferences.

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I have the 650 and the 598. The 598 seems pretty similar to the 558 in terms of fit.


I feel the 650's build is generally superior. Once the clamping force loosens up, you have a headphone that can be very tight but at the same time be extremely comfortable. This is great as it won't move around, has no pressure points, etc. After a year of daily use, the 650's are now very comfortable to me and I can wear them indefinitely. Sometimes I just leave them on because I like their warmth.

The 598's are extremely light but I feel that they have a tendency to move and there's days where I just can't find the proper position on my head. Also after a period of not using them (which I guess would not be representative for you if you bought them), I feel the headband can be somewhat stiff and I experience a little pressure on my head. The 598's just seem more rigid. Ultimately, the 598s are very comfortable and loose (maybe too loose for me) but they don't fit me like a glove like the 650's.


It's just my experience, anyway.

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Cool thx SunshineReggae. Good to hear that they do loosen up a bit over time, as I suspected.

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no problem.


Concerning 650 vs 600; you can read my post in the 650 appreciation thread (a few pages back) if you care to. The biggest problem with the 650 vs 600 thing is that they're both excellent...

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Will do.beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by drac079 View Post

But... lol I'll ask anyway. What was the most glaring difference(s) you noticed between the two?


I've read all the comparisons between the two, which is why I had a desire to proceed with trying both before deciding.  I'm not sure I'd say the HD-650 has more bass as much as I'd say that the signature of the HD-650 is a warmer signature.  I personally picked the HD-600 because I wanted a more dynamic sound, and the HD-600 delivered in that area.  I, too, have issues with piercing highs, but the HD-600 is still quite a distance away from having that issue.  I don't think of the HD-600 to have a signature like Grado or other headphones that have a higher top-end.

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