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HELP! CK100 PRO, Shure SE535, Heir 4ai, other recommendations !? - Page 2

Poll Results: Which one to Buy ? (>_ < )

  • 41% (12)
    Audio Technica CK100PRO
  • 17% (5)
    Shure SE535
  • 6% (2)
    Heir 4ai
  • 3% (1)
    Westone UM3x
  • 13% (4)
    Westone 4
  • 17% (5)
    Other Recommendations
29 Total Votes  
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No experience with the Heir, but currently own the CK100pro. It's pretty much near the top of the universals food chain in terms of technical ability - transparency, detail, speed, soundstage, all reference-class. Not really lacking in any sound department (bass is clean, quick and decently impactful for my tastes, but certainly not basshead level. Mids are transparent but not emphasized), with perhaps a slight treble tilt that you should be used to coming from CK10s. Build quality/isolation are solid - Audio-Technica premium product quality. The ER4 are very capable, but I think the CK100pro is worth the price premium if you are going for that type of sound. 

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I think CK100Pro would be a fine replacement as long as you can tolerate some of what I feel is its "shortcomings" compared to CK10 -- For one, it suffers from a slight midbass hump -- Nothing too disturbing, but this is definitely a departure from CK10's ultra-linear bass, although as a trade-off, CK100Pro does have better low-end extension.


Regarding the treble tilt, CK100Pro shares CK10's familiar peak around 9k-10k region, but in CK100Pro's case the peak is much worse -- Not necessarily a bad thing, the peak does help with the perceived clarity and energy of CK100Pro -- But it might be disturbing for some. Then again if you are used to CK10 it shouldn't pose much of a problem.


Oh, and the biggest turn-off for me personally is comfort -- Gone is the tiny, disappear-in-your-ears shape of CK10 and CK100, and in comes the weird and clunky shape of CK100Pro -- AND SERIOUSLY WHAT'S WITH THE REVERSED, INCOMPATIBLE-WITH-OTHERS MMCX CONNECTOR? As far as I know only CK100Pro uses that kind of reversed MMCX connection; AT's insistence on using exclusive cable connection is still baffling to me.


But as Omnirai said, technicality wise CK100Pro is one fine IEM -- Clarity, Transient Speed, Instrument Separation are all excellent. And it really is well-built -- It feels like a $400+ IEM to the touch. Again, if you can tolerate the aforementioned shortcomings compared to CK10, you'll be hard-pressed to find better replacement for your CK10.


However, just to keep things interesting, I'd suggest j-phonic k2 sp - It's a well-tuned technically superb IEM with great top-to-bottom extension (for dual driver set-up), damn neutral and gobs of detail. It disappears in your ears too -- I'd say it's as comfortable as CK10 -- Not to mention that it's similarly priced to CK100Pro. One problem though; it's not widely available and you do have to go through a lot of effort to get it.


(Oh, and do note that opinions above is of course, personal, and what I heard is not necessarily what you might hear!)

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Thanks for the input guys/gals... After many sleepless nights and hours and hours spent on deciding which IEM to buy, I've just placed an order for the Audio Technica CK100 Pro   beyersmile.png


I would like to ask any CK100Pro users out there, what tips would you recommend  ?


Thanks in Advance..


aHBee .

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Now that you have them, how do you like them? I am considering the ck100pro and would like to hear your take!
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I am also trying to decide between the Ck100 Pro and the heir 4.Ai. Not many if anyone has them both to do a good comparison.

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