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Strangely enough, I awoke this morning with an urge to see Memento again. Don't know why.
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Terriblysorry, That happens to me a lot!
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Just to add some flavor

Metropolis - The Great Grandfather of great movies: Social Commentary & Special Effects plus a vision of the future through the eyes of people in the 1920's (its silent, but background music is dubbed in). Also watch for the '80s re-release with music by Queen and others.

Lawrance of Arabia - see it in letter box format.

Lonesome Dove - Ok, so I like long movies.

Dances with Wolves - Ok, so I like long movies. Get a directors cuts version

Better Off Dead - with John Kuzak(?) Best part is when his mom's new dish crawls off the plate: "its got raisins in like raisins." (and who ever though french girls were such great mechanics?)

Repo Man - how many generic products and rock musicians can you find?

The Princess Bride - wished I could have seen it in the theater. (And this one will win points for you with your wife or girl-friends)
(And don't tell your wife about your girlfriends )

Henry V - best movie of a Shakespear play I have seen.
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It's John Cusack
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