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dolby headphone

Does anyone have any clue how good the dolby headphone on WinDVD is? I just finished watching Requiem for a Dream with WinDVD/Sony V6 and it sounded pretty good (great movie BTW). I have heard however that dolby headphone on WinDVD isnt as good as a lot of the newer stuff coming out....has anyone the ability to compare?
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Mustn't forget my 2 all-time favourite movies!
The Terminator - the original and best action movie... Everything else is a pale copy...
The Tin Drum - German and subtitled, very powerful story about Nazi Germany; it's funny, unpleasant, deep, allegorical and hugely entertaining. Highly recommended.

And if you like disturbing, and darkly hilarious movies, try Bad Boy Bubby... It's an Aussie film about , well, it's about, erm. I think y'all had better watch it - but it's not for those who don't have a warped sense of humour
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The last "wow!" movie I saw was "Shrek". I had to pickup my jaw several times during the movie.

Amazing CGI. Move away Pixar, you are no longer the king... well... not for some months at least.

I also found Almoust Famous quite amazing. It should have won more oscars. I want to see it again soon.

More of Beowulf's favourites are:

-Das Boot Directors Cut (best Dobly Digital soundtrack I ever heard, it will blow you away)
-Amadeus (need I say more?)
-Toy Story/Toy Story 2
-A Bug's Life
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Move away Pixar, you are no longer the king... well... not for some months at least.
So, anyone get to see the Final Fantasy movie?
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grrr223: I too have seen nearly every movie mentioned in this thread. Great selections.

I also have the Senn DSP Pro which does a very good job of creating a Dolby Pro Logic effect for movies. It sucks for music listening however. I'm afraid you'll still eventually want a headphone amp.
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I saw Final Fantasy. Absolutely gorgeous, no other CG movie is even close! Besides the graphics, the movie was OK. Cookie-cutter plot, acceptable to very realistic lip-synching, depending on how important the character was. Worth seeing once, maybe not twice.
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The animation in Final Fantasy was amazing, and VERY close to real life at times. The plot, however, was pretty boring and pointless. Don't walk into the theater expecting a gripping, emotional tale.
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The Cube
Lawn Dogs
Ma Vie En Rose
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I second Royboy2k and Dhwilkin's comments about final fantasy. It's a shame, I was soooo damn tired when I saw it, that to be honest, I wanted to fall asleep in the theatre. In fact I think I might've. Of course don't get me wrong, this was because I was tired, not because I didn't like the movie. The effects were very realistic.

Guys, I know I'm obsessed, but I just saw Memento again, for a third time, and my god, it is the most complex movie I have ever seen. Each time I see it I keep noticing more stuff, and I just love it even more every time I watch it.
I know, it's eating up my money, but hell, it's worth it! I think I'm gonna wait until it comes out on video to buy it, or else I'm gonna end up spending u hundred bucks just watching it over and over again.

Please Please Please do yourself a big favor and see this movie!!!
You won't be dissapointed!
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Well, I've seen Memento only once, and I don't have the urge to see it a second time. Not that it isn't a great movie. It's definately well worth seeing at least once. Mind you, I've seen Phantom Menace several times now, and it just keeps getting better and better. First time I saw it I was disappointed because it didn't meet with my expectations, but once I dumped those, I saw the movie for what it is.

Think I better stop before this turns into a rant.
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I love Memento, my girlfriend took me to see it one night after she had already seen it the previous night because she was so bothered by many unanswered questions she had. It was a very innovative approach to telling the story, and was very orignal, however, unlike the Usual Suspects, which ties up just about every minute detail by the end, Memento doesn't do that.

Someone had posted all of the events in Memento in chronological order to some newsgroup, unfortunately, I no longer have a copy of it, but there are just a few too many unanswered questions in the movie for me to even bother giving it much thought, it is not one of the great movies that have been made, although I think it could have been if it were well written.

They took an incredible new idea and just didn't deliver like they could have. I realize you are supposed to walk away from that movie with a few unanswered questions in your mind, lots of movies leave you hanging like that, but if you examine the list of events in chronological order, there are a few too many unanswered questions almost to the point of being mistakes, I'll look for that essay, if someone else has a copy, please post it or at least a link to it, thanks in advance.

Don't get me wrong, Memento is well worth seeing, and I recomend it to everyone after they tell me they have never heard of it, but it isn't really worth watching more than 2 or 3 times.
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If you really want to see a confusing movie, rent "Eraserhead", David Lynch's first movie.

If that doesn't leave you wondering "what the hell's going on?", nothing will.
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I reckon it's all some sort of Hollywood conspiracy, the making of films that "need" to be seen (at least) twice.
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lol, sapphiremodena, you think you're Final Fantasy situation was bad, some ass pulled the fire alarm halfway through when I was trying to watch it. We were so pissed we just got our money back and left without finishing it.
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I think the reason I saw Memento so many times is cuz I'm 15.
I don't mean to say that people my age are dumb or anything, it just that I took my friend to see it and he's a genius, I'm not kidding, and he had no idea what actually happened.
So I guess that I had to see it 3 times is cuz I'm slow.
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