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SumB, it really does depend on your age I think. Because I'm only 15 goin on 16 but lots of these so called "sick" movies don't really make me cringe. It's when you think about the details that makes you cringe, when you think about how damn scary it must really be to have that actually happen to you. Most teenagers and younger people don't really think about that, while adults look into it more, and see how sick some things really are.

ie, To be quite honest, I didn;t find "requiem for a dream" to really be that sick or disturbing, but one scene in particular shocked me; this is when the driver in the limo shoots the drug dealer and his blood shoots right on Marlon Wayans' face. If you pause it right at that moment then you can see how good an actor he can be.
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Wow, this thread is fun, cuz at rogers video, you can rent 7 WEEKLY movies for $10 CDN and i rented; exorcist, pulp fiction, american history x, schindlers list, braveheart, reservior dogs, and shawshank redemption. So almost all of the movies mentioned in this forum are ones that i have seen.
The scene in Reservior dogs is kinda sick, but the curbing scene had more of an effect on me, maybe double the impact.
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Yeah, I actually just started working at a video store, so I can get all these movies for free!
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I second the recommendation of "The Big Lebowski" (sp?). My friends and I watch it once a month!
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A great movie I just saw recently, and got some great treatment on the new DVD, is Romper Stomper. One of Russel Crowes earliest movies, and one of his best, IMHO. If you like American History X, you should like this as well. You could call it Australian History X.

In the same vain, is my all-time favorite movie - A Clockwork Orange. Simply a masterpiece. If you haven't seen it, rent it today!

I also must second most of sapphiremodena's recomendations, in particular,Requiem For A Dream. This movie has made my top ten all-time list. What an emotional rollercoaster!

(sapphiremodena - we must have very similar tastes, I loved every one of the films you listed, many of them my all-time favorites.)

One last semi-recent recommendation - Run, Lola, Run. Very intense and quite a ride, if you're the type that doesn't mind subtitles.
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Oh yeah! Run Lola Run! I forgot!
That movie is really cool. It sucks when I tell people about these really cool movies and they never have even heard of them (ie run lola run, memento, go!, etc.)
Yeah we must have the same movie opinions. I just saw romper stomper on tv about 2 weeks ago, and if only i weren't so tired, maybe i would've finished it. Looks cool, and violent. It reminded me a lot of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

And how bout Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? pretty spiritual stuff, deep and uplifting. A common choice
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I'll second Clockwork Orange, Pitch Black, and Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels, all great movies. Let's see, what else...

- Aliens: Less mystery and plot than Alien, but tons of great firefights!

- Princess Mononoke: One of the best anime movies ever.

- Grave of the Fireflies: Very sad & powerful anime, very well done. Somewhere between Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List.

- Patch Adams: Robin Williams as a doctor is great!

- Just Cause: Sean Connery is a detective in the Bijou, pretty good plot.

- The Rock: Cage & Connery together are just awesome, see it now!
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i agree, dhwilkin, "just cause" and "the rock" were good movies.
Also, Gone In 60 Seconds, of course!!! [a car fanatic's movie, and boy i love lookin at those cars! - especially the Shelby GT500]

Anybody seen 'The Score' ? I heard it was really good, and my local newspaper (The Vancouver Sun) gave it 4 1/2 stars out of 5!!! (that means its the 2nd highest rated movie showing in vancouver, next to the film "Everest", an Imax production)

I also wanna see "Dark Days", it is a documentary shot in black and white in which the director of the movie befriends a group of homeless people builing their own 'homes' under the bridges and underground Manhattan. In the end, I hear something happens to the homeless people which is ''really cool and kind of miraculous'', in the words of the director. [Keep in mind that this is a true story] This movie has a very limited release. I look forward to seeing it, and if anyone's seen it, please, please, please tell me what you thought of it.

Please check it out at
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Almost Famous Ahhhhh, the 70's.......................
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my brother saw Almost Famous, he didn't like it that much, but then again he's only 19 so it's not like he would appreciate the 70's.
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Hey I'm 16 and I thought Almost Famous was a truly great movie! You don't have to be old to appreciate it. Highly recommended.
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Oh yeah, Lock, Stock, & 2 Smoking Barrels was great! I haven't seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon yet, I'm WAY behind on my movies. Been real busy at work lately and just can't find the time, but I'll get to it eventually.

A few more of my recent faves, in no particular order:

Fight Club
Almost Famous (Exactly my generation)
MI:2 (I'll watch anything by John Woo)
Boys Don't Cry
Eyes Wide Shut (Seems you either love this one or can't stay awake through it, I'm in the former camp)

And a few of my all-time faves, in no particular order:

A Clockwork Orange (Just had to mention this one again)
Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid
Pulp Fiction (Gotta see this one at least once a year)
Schindler's List
Killing Zoe
The Proffesional (NOT The Professionals)
Dr. Strangelove

I s'pose I could go on all day.
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I am 22....well, I was born in the 70's, Just.
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Originally posted by sapphiremodena
Oh yeah! Run Lola Run! I forgot!
I second that. Run Lola Run is a very fun film. Sub-titles (it's in German), but its a lot of fun.
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I watch WAY too many movies!!!

For any of you who have read just about any of my posts you probalby know that I just bought my HD600s because I am not allowed to watch movies anymore. I have seen all but maybe 4 or 5 of the movies mentinoed in this entire thread, but thank you all for the recomendations. I will need a few movies to watch when I get my Sennheiser DSP Pro (I think that's the modoel , I just ordered it on E-bay for $45. I figured if I'm goign to be stuck with the DVD player on my computer, it might be a fun toy to have) Dopes anyone have any experience with any Dolby Headphone surround products? I'm not expecting too much, but can at least fill in as an amp at least (can't it?) until I get up the $$$ to buy a total airhead or maybe a creek ??-11.

Random thoughts on HD600. When I first plugged them in and began listening to them, I didn't think they were worth the $232 I paid for them (from Jan Meier) but as I try out more and more CDs, I absolutlely love them. While I haven't had a chance to use them extensively with anything classical yet (I am bringing them to work tomorrow) some CDs just sound amazing. Anyone familiar with the O Brother Where Art Though soundtrack will be familiar with the sound of the axes hitting the ground as the slaves sing a work song on the first track. Well... the axes start before the singing starts and it scared the @#$%!# out of me when I heard it. It was so real, I love these things, they also let me keep the Mega Bass off which gives a much more natural sound. Thank you all

Happy Listening
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