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p.s. I hope folks don't misunderstand my point above: I am not suggesting that One is not good, just that based on GSMarena we have no way of knowing. To be fair, they probably have to send back phones after they review them, so can't redo them all. But to not accurately describe what they did (and which results came from which testing methodologies) is deceptive.

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Not at all, having a bit of objectivity is a good thing.


It's all too easy to be blinkered with new toy syndrome.


Seen it all too many times, im in the fortunate position of having a fair array of bits, so i like to think i have an idea of what makes up a good sounding unit.


The Htc has certainly met and exceeded my expectations. It seems strange but the more i listen, the more im warming to the sound.

Not sure what is going in, but to my ears it's improved with use, whether this is down to some form of burn in i don't know, but bass feels tighter and details are more prominent.


I was in a hurry to snag a dac, but thanks to this phone im in no hurry.


Odd thing is i don't see it as a phone, it's unlike any phone i've owned.

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Now this is just silly bad. New updated review of GS4 from our friends at GSMarena:


The GS4 has the updated audio tests, but the One test results (right below in table) are not their updated tests -- which they have and appear in the One review.



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how it compares to the GS4 - I'm not sure


but those updated GS4 results look pretty good to me ?  pretty special in fact ? or am I reading them wrong ?


anyone know what the impedance output of the GS4 and HTC One is please ?


are USB dacs useable on both ? (without putting modded ROM on etc)

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the HTC one doesn't have the GS3 fiasco where the US release is a sad shadow of its international release right? I don't want to have to discover that what we get here is utterly disappointing.

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Also let's not forget that GS2 had a 43ohm output impedence... I'm not trusting Samsung to do audio properly.. and their cheap feeling plastic, and their ugly memory hogging UI...


in summary, HTC One > GS2 ... by about a mile

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Originally Posted by Bojamijams View Post

not trusting Samsung to do audio properly
That's too bad.
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I don't trust Android and its high noise floor and upsampling to 48000Hz.

iOS is the only os that gets audio right in my book.

Optimism is the depth of technical ignorance
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Originally Posted by elfary View Post

I don't trust Android and its high noise floor and upsampling to 48000Hz.

I agree that is the case with many of the Qualcomm phones, but not with Wolfson.

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Anyone over yonder planning on getting ONE?

I'm finding the audio better than ever, not sure what's going on there.
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so the HTC one does have a wolfson?

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I tried listening to some music on my One with a pair of Hifiman re-262s, which are known to be one of the harder to drive iems. The phone drove them to quite loud levels without running out of juice and the sound quality was quite good. Not on the same level as my ipod+arrow, but close. Coupled with an Apex Glacier, this could be an icy cold to go rig.


On a side note, the coupled earphones are pretty decent to listen to. Yes, they are quite bass heavy (being beats...what else was I expecting), but the sq is on par with a decent $20-30 pair. I'm reminded of my a-jays four in terms of build and sound.

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Originally Posted by darkfireblade25 View Post

so the HTC one does have a wolfson?



Only Wolfson I am aware of is on Samsung Exynos chip Galaxy and Note devices. 

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I'm loving the HTC One with my Atrio M5 (MG7).
The depth of sound and bass impact is a vast improvement over my Galaxy S2.

Just make sure you switch off "Beats Audio" in settings as I feel it gave my music too much of an artificial sound and I could notice artifacts.

The phone speakers themselves are also the best I've heard on any mobile device by a LONG shot but that's probably not as important to you guys.

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