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Need help picking new headphones.

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I have a zune hd and will be what i will primarily use these headphones with. I listen to the oldies, specifically motown as well as classical so I dont want bass heavy headphones. Price range is under 400. These headphones will be for casual listening with my mp3 player and I understand that limits some of the better headphones which would require an amp.

I have read that over ear headphones are the best for a more natural listening experience and that noise cancelling diminishes the sound quality. limited sound leakage is preferable. I know everyone has their own preferences and everything is relative. I have spent far to much time looking for headphones. 

These headphones are entirely for home and private use. I went to bestbuy and sampled some headhpones at Magnolia. The majority of the test headphones had static or some other fault tainting the music as well as a salesman who was as oblivious as I was.

Please correct me if iam wrong on any assumptions.

Thank you for your help.


"Without music, life would be a mistake" Nietzsche



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static can be due to a few things like a high noise floor/high output impedance that doesn't go w/ the 1/8 rule (your phones having at least 8x the impedance of the output). 


As for the supra vs circum, it's more of a comfort/preference thing. It's also dependent on the phone. Noise cancelling doesn't really diminish, but it tends to have a different sound signature (some describe it as synthetic) than phones that are made w/ a passive design.


Sony: cd900st (you'll have to mod or get a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter), mdr-1r, mdr-v6

Sennheiser: momentum

Beyer Dynamic: dt770, custom one pro.


As for the momentum, it won't look as classy as it does in the pics. $350 vs the competition is meh.

1R: plastic construction excluding the extenders, but sounds well in its price range (price has dropped from the $300 MSRP). 

cd900st is said to be a hit/miss, though I've only heard good things. Pads are shallow, which is crucial to the neutral/clear sound sig. People say its much better than the v6, which is already pretty good. 

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Thank you for responding. I went with the Sennheiser Momentum. They sound great but more than likely I can save a hundred or more and not tell the difference in the sound so I will be probably going to try the Beyer suggestion. Visual appeal is not pritority. Thank you again for responding.

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How do you find the Momentum with, lets say: rock music? 

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There is a 15 day return policy at BestBuy and no stocking fee. I would check this out first and am going on what one of the sales guys told me. Buy them and try them out yourself. The Momentums are starting to sound better as I go through my music lists. I dont have any rock music and dont know what qualifys as rock to you but will say that Jimmy Ruffin, The Spinners, Temptations all sound great. I dont listen to the stones or beatles and rock seems to have a very liberal application from what I just searched.


What I did was a blind test with my brother who tested them out not knowing how much they cost. He said they sound great but are not worth 350. Although, he is now offering to buy them off me and pay in installments. Sorry, I know iam not of much help. 

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Sorry for not getting back until now. Your brother into the game of audiophilia? Ye, it can be from Queen to Journey to Eagles. Hotel California, Separate Ways, and other songs. Pretty broad, but I personally split them into hard/soft rock. 


Meh, in the recent years, headphone prices have gone up.And I don't see any Senn products going down in price for a while. 

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I returned the headphones and will say that they are not worth 350. They look very nice and dont know what I was expecting with music quality but after trying some 50 dollar headphones the quality was noticeable but not by much. I didnt hear any harmony but more of a sound where it was being thrown at you. I dont have an mp3 player where you can change treble and bass and so that may be a larger factor.

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