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Fiio E07k+E09k vs Schiit Magni+Modi

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Alright so both are in my price range of ~200 USD. I am going to pair them with my Beyerdynamic DT 990's 250ohms. I have no other audio gear right now besides my headphones.


Music Preferences from most listened to least:







I'm a huge bass head. Other than that whatever is the best performer and would pair nicely with my phones.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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With your musical preferences, I would say hands down... Schiit Magni/Modi. I owned the stack and have heard the FiiO's and to me the Schiit stack is much better in terms of clarity, detail, soundstage, dynamics, and natural timbre. The FiiO's in comparison sound a bit too dark for most fast and dynamic music like electronica and rap. On the other had, E07K can be considered portable... and you can take it with you on-the-go, traveling, etc. So if that is important to you, consider that.

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Same question different background. I'm trying to decide between these two myself and some input would be ducky. 


Music: Electronic and Rock/Metal/Punk/stuff of similar genres. Classic rock, pop and some classical and solo guitar work makes it on the regular as well. 


Source: right now just my laptop and my GS3, hence the want for a DAC. Most of my music is good rips and some lossless. If its a bad quality I tend to turf it.


Cans: Right now, Aiaiai TMA-1's and Etymotic MC5's. I will be getting something nice this summer for at home. HD59x, or maybe some DT770's. Will see whats around to try.


Portability isnt a huge factor since I can use my E6 with my phone and I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of banding the E07k to my phone all the time unless the difference is huge. For sound signature, I'm not picky. I tend to prefer warm/dark to bright/harsh. Current headphones are pretty dark though, so that might factor in.



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