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Originally Posted by djtw345 View Post

Frank, can't wait to read your review. Thanks for all your efforts. A whole batch is now in the shipping department, including mine.


Won't be long now..... 

My editor forwarded it to Decware so my end is all done now. As soon as it is published I will post the link and thanks guys for all your support.

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Sweet, broke onto page 2!!!

Did we get an update on how the the woodworker is doing?  Hope all is well for him.

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Originally Posted by bearFNF View Post

Sweet, broke onto page 2!!!

Did we get an update on how the the woodworker is doing?  Hope all is well for him.


I emailed them today about that.


One of the Taboo orders is waiting for a walnut base which is the same base I ordered.

I will hopefully hear from them tomorrow sometime.


I hope he is okay as well.

Maybe they have someone else making them?

They managed to get cherry bases for all those held up orders at least, so that's my guess.

Can't imagine he is back to good health already.

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Can't wait to see your review Frank!

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Woohoo...NOS Mullard EL84's in the house for the Taboo!

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I will be reviewing the new Omega Super T monitor for the Taboo Mk 111. Louis Chocho has been building speakers in Connecticut for over 20 years and his new line has a 94DB driver that can be used on stands, and he also has a desktop model.  They are high quality speakers  built by hand and have a 10 year warranty and sell for $495.00  For anyone looking for high quality single drivers speakers  should check out the Omega Speaker line.

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Very interested in your impressions of the Omega's Frank!

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Originally Posted by longbowbbs View Post

Very interested in your impressions of the Omega's Frank!

I owned the Super 5 and it was terrific with the Mk11. Louis told me this new driver is so much better so it will be exciting to hear it near-field as well.


I will keep everyone posted,

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Got My Taboo MKIII. I've only spent a few hours with it, so these impressions are very preliminary. Source is a CEntrance DACmini and a Thinkpad notebook running J-River Media Center. 


LCD-2s using a 4-pin balanced Q-Audio cable. This amp really wakes the LCD-2s up versus the DACmini's headphone amp. The  Taboo is dead silent with neither lucid mode engaged. There's a very slight hum with "classic" lucid mode on; a bit louder hum with the "new" version engaged. I'm super sensitive to hum, but I don't consider the hum  on either setting problematic (its mostly noticeable between tracks). Listening to songs and toggling amongst the three options (off/classic/new) is pretty addictive, but on the LCD-2s I tend to favor off or using the classic mode. (I sometimes use JRiver's crossfeed option, too). The new Lucid mode does seem to boost the output and it makes for some interesting listening. Background sound elements are made quite audible, which can be pretty amusing on tracks from bands like the Beastie Boys who tend to have a lot going on at lower levels. 


AKG K702 Anniversary Editions using a stock single-ended cable. The K701 was my first "legit" can, and I've owned and sold several pairs over the years. I bought a used set of the Anniversary Edition in anticipation of receiving the Taboo, as I know these cans shine when properly amplified. I only spent a few minutes with them using the classic Lucid mode (zero hum), but my first impression was very favorable. The bass on these cans is much improved from earlier versions, and the Taboo seems to drive them well. I'd forgotten just how comfortable these cans are, especially compared to the LCD-2s.


Blumenstein Orca single-driver speakers. Steve makes a point of saying the new Taboo is primarily geared toward headphone listening, and he doesn't like to put a headphone/speaker switch in (which means unplugging the speakers for silent headphone listening). Don't be fooled: this is a great speaker amp. I swapped the Taboo in for a Decware Super Zen amp and the improvement was not subtle. The Taboo has more power, and while I don't need much for my near field setup the Orcas seemed to really benefit from the extra muscle. I managed to sell the Super Zen (a really great little amp in its own right, BTW) just prior to the arrival of the Taboo, so I can't A/B them, but let's just say the Taboo is not a compromise. And there is zero hum from the speakers using the Taboo with the lucid modes off. Dead quite. 


So, first impressions: I love it. This is the third Decware amp I've owned (I still regret parting with the original Mini Torii) and I have to say it's a majestic beast. Steampunk meets practical, reliable audio bliss. And best of all, with the Taboo you can share the love. I have four headphone jacks on this amp, so the next time my headphone pal Deadie is in town we can both listen at the same time instead of having to swap in and out. How cool is that?


More to come, once the fawning/giggling stage has passed and I can be a little more objective. :-)




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As a Taboo III / Omega Super 3E owner, I can say that IMO they are a near perfect match. I listen desktop, nearfield (3ft). I'm using a Philips 5R4GYS Rectifier and Russian 6n1p-ev / 6p15p-ev tubes. The Valve Art 274B tube that came with the amp wasn't bad at all, but I prefer the Philips. Steve thinks the Valve Art 274B is a 5u4G in disguise.


Edit: Some may wonder why buy the Taboo III for speakers when it's supposed to be a SOTA headphone amp. In my case I had purchased Steve's SE34I.3 "Rachael" SET, but it had a hum problem that Steve couldn't fix for me because he couldn't hear, on his test bench, what I heard at home. It was back and forth to Steve twice. It wasn't due to tubes or ground loops or anything else we could determine. So, being the great guy Steve D is, he suggested trying a Taboo III with a little foil shielding thrown in for good measure given my hum issues with the SE34I.3. The same type of shielding used in the ZP3 phono stage. The Taboo III is inherently quieter than the SE34I.3. When I got The Taboo III, on April Fool's Day no less, I plugged it in and it was dead silent - no hum. It sounds every bit as good as the SE34I.3, albeit with one less watt of power (4.5 vs 5.5). This, as MoNelly's post above notes, is one great speaker amp, too.


The Omega's are super fast (almost electrostatic fast) and revealing. To my ears, the frequency response is very even from about 50hz to 15Khz (highest top end I can hear theses days) - no nasty bumps or dips. Sound stage depth and width are very good to excellent and very much dependent on your front end and quality of recordings. Very revealing of poor to mediocre material. LPs sound absolutely beautiful.  You will need a powered sub woofer if you like low bass or listen to music that has low frequency content. IMO, a sub helps round out the sound of the Super 3E or T. The level 3 finish (in my case Bubinga, an African rosewood variant) is to die for. Louis is a master craftsman and one outstanding fella. Apart from Steve D's lifetime warranty, not too many audio companies offer a 10 year warranty.  Between Steve D. and Louis O., you have two of the greatest guys in high end audio.


I have a CSP+ on order and I'm also considering a ZP3 phono stage. I believe, and Steve seems to agree with me, that the CSP+ is needed to provide a little more voltage and "balls" to sound than you can get with a W4S DAC-2 (2.6v tops at Max output via RCA) alone. 


Edit: I almost forgot. The Taboo III, as you know, has 4 headphone outputs (2 phono) and (2 XLR) mounted flat on the black top plate. This means dirt could clog these openings.  I suggest you consider some plugs for all 4 openings when not in use. I ordered mine from Markertek.com and received them 2 days later. The covers are inexpensive and made of soft rubber. They are black in color and fit snugly. The "Phone" plugs I previously linked to don't work, they are too big for the phono jack holes. I removed the phone cover link. However, either of the two XLR covers work fine. I recommend the "NDF" XLR plug, it's a lot easier to use.





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I am glad your enjoying the MK111 with he Omega speakers. The 3T will be my first review for Louis  in the future I will doing the floor-stander as well. I should have a second listening room

within the next 60 days to properly set up larger speakers. Louis speakers are hand built and as you say of very high quality.

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Great information in the last few posts guys. Good to hear more about those little Orcas, and but MoNelly, what if you and Deadie - or potentially four people!! - want to listen at different levels??? Has Steve unleashed a new form of audiophile war? ;-)

Rizlaw, great to hear your description of the 3E - almost electrostatic speed huh? And liquidity too I'm figuring? Makes sense Taboo III would sound good with speakers of course, as this is its heritage from Taboos I and II...

Based on this, I'm looking forward to your review of these new Omegas Frank.

The Parker Audio speakers interested me too as they're essentially crossoverless yet have a tweeter (adding that subtle bit of treble extension Rizlaw notes).
Contacted them over two weeks ago but no reply...
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Originally Posted by AiDee View Post

Great information in the last few posts guys. Good to hear more about those little Orcas, and but MoNelly, what if you and Deadie - or potentially four people!! - want to listen at different levels??? Has Steve unleashed a new form of audiophile war? ;-)


Taboo owner gets to drive the volume level and slap the wrist of visitors who reach for the stepped attenuator. :-)

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^ LOL. And so you should!
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You guys think there is enough jam from the Taboo MK III to run my Normal Bias Stax Lambdas off an SRD7/sb?  I know it says it needs at least 10 Watts...but???  Will need to give this a try when mine gets here.

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