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For Sale: cans i never use / for sale

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$75 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
cans i never use / for sale

Will Ship To: CONUS

pioneer monitor 10 - $65 - great shape, sound awesome just too heavy for normal use - come in period correct pioneer case


sennheiser HD555 - $75 - i love these, great shape and that soundstage is the best out of all my cans, these are the only pair i have that show any type of wear, cosmetically they are a 7/10 


shipping will be from 66202 (kansas city) and up to the buyer, i can do ups fedex usps etc - if you need pics let me know - i accept non penalty paypal or amazon payments - thanks for looking

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PM sent for the t50rp. Some pictures of the t50rp would be nice. Thanks.

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PM sent...

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PM sent

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sooo, is anyone getting a response from the seller?
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Heard from him Friday when I was looking into the 325is (they are chrome though, so I backed out). PM'ed him on the T50rp this morning, but haven't heard anything yet...

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Ya I pmd about the fostex a week ago, never heard anything.
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You've got PM :)

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