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These have the most insane Bass of any sub $500 cans 


J.V.C. HA-XM30X (in Japan) They have an older model this is the new one. 57mm ported driver designed to put Beats to bed. It worked. It's V shaped and it's highs are too high (I could not hear the highs on Beats) and the ability to enhance and amplify the low end is superior to the V-moda and Yamaha Pro 500. 




This rig hangs over the neck and plays one monster bass hip hop song after the other  Cadillac Don & J Money "Inside Peanut Butter outside Jelly"  Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Game, Nicki Minaj "Rah" Wiz Khalifa ft. Too Short  "On my Level" Baby D "Slammin Cadillac Doors"  LiL WyTe "Hoods Run Down"   <<Drops to 8Hz


If you listen to THESE kind of tracks the JVC's will hammer harder than the Yamaha Pro 500's which when amped hit the hardest of all I have heard including Beats Pro, VModa m-100.

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