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Well I kind of looked into this and what is needed is linear regulated ac(your mains voltage) to 15v DC power supply with the appropriate connector. But be warned as I found from a big manufacturer of power supplies (not expensive ones) who advertised a supply with switchable output voltage as a 'linear regulated' it had a switch mode circuit for the different voltages (not ideal and actually a bit of conflict in terms with 'linear regulated') so one with a fixed 15v DC out is probably better to look out for. Maybe drop Jan an email?
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Better take the XP 8000. Then you have a perfect clean power source. And with the willy cable you can even run 15 volt. This works globally as the power supply of the XP 8000 runs from 110 to 240 volt outlets. You just need your region specific power cord.
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Good info on both counts. Thanks for the help, guys!!

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Does anybody know if DAC of PCSTEP supports Android, especially Nexus 7?

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Yes if you install smoothrom, swimsonny has a install guide the windows 7 drivers are a pain in the butt though.

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Thanks, may be I`ll wait a while until there is better implementation though..

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You might in for a long wait, android device manufacturers arn't adding in dac support as standard, only samsung sony htc and maybe some others seem to be doing it.


this thread is a good source of info..



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Thanks for info, I have HTC One X and going to upgrade to One when price will be more realistic :)

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I found myself not really using the PCstep at home much since I moved my O2 to my bedside rig, but I brought the PCStep to work and its perfect for what I need! It small, compact, works fine from the front USB ports on my work comp. Kinda wish I got black now so It matched my computer area!

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Yup, the black is pretty sharp-lookin' in my estimation ;). Glad to hear you're still enjoying it!!

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Dear Headfellows,


there are amplifiers that do not get the exposure that, in my opinion, they do deserve. The PCSTEP is such an amp. Sonically it really is a very nice and nifty device.


To promote this amp a little bit more I've given it a considerable price reduction that is valid only during the month of June. It's well worth a consideration!





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Yeah I agree. The PCSTEP is a very convenient solution for office use due to its small footprint, onboard dac and usb power supply. I'm using it with a beyerdynamic DT1350 which is a portable headphone, but the PCSTEP easily powers a DT990 adequately, and they both sound great with it. Highly recommended!

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did anyone compare the IFI NANO iDSD DAC to the PCSTEP ?

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Never mind that question... the PC-Step has much more power. 

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Switched to the PCSTEP in my portable setup (which sees a lot of use) for a couple of weeks. I'd been using the Leckerton UHA-6S before that. Overall, I found the PCSTEP to have a bit smoother, more organic sound, with perhaps a bit more bass with a bit of bass bloom. I still believe the PCSTEP is one of the best-kept secrets on Head-Fi, and is good enough to be a desktop amp in a lot of setups. Don't know why more people haven't found this yet!

Most of my recent listening was with either the Beyerdynamic T51p or T51i, with occasional use with the Aurisonics ASG-2 as well.
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