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Originally Posted by zenpunk View Post

How does the PCstep sound with your XBA-30?
I own the 40 and I am considering the PCStep but slightly concerned that it uses a 9V battery so must have low current output and might not be ideal for very low Z phones.

Inks & Rin currently have my XBA-30 (they're pulling measurements and will be comparing it with the XBA-3). As soon as I get it back, I'll provide some impressions.
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Mine had just arrived yesterday

It took really long but I found it is worth the long wait.smily_headphones1.gif

It is my first Corda product and is really a good bargain.

As I don't really want to type a loooooong review, I will only talk about what are the most and the least appreciative points.



1. Build quality - tho everyone has mentioned it, it is brilliant, firm and strong.

    Yet. it is lighter than I expected. Good match with my Samsung S3.

2. Digital Volume control - no imbalance at audible range

3. Powerful and - All my portable cans and IEMs are great with it

4. Balanced sound - Airy and transparent, Huge soundstage

5. Engaging - the sound is engaging and I didn't want to put it off for the nightgs1000.gif



1. Not detail enough - the sound is thick and oily and vocals are less shimmering,

    making it not the best amp with pop song.

2. Too thick - it is too thick for me to use it with a phone,

    making it the size of a phone will be even better if Jan is targeting phone users.


It is all I can think of now,

will write more after a longer run-in tongue_smile.gif

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keep it playing.  I felt it was TOO thick when I got it, but now I just consider it laid back and not "too thick" like I also originally thought.  I could be wrong I guess.  Overall still might not be my signature with my specific earphone but it does not sound bad in any way. 

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Agreed. There may be some that prefer that type of sound but directly against the odac and port you can certainly hear the differences and they are anything but subtle.

Try a/b'ing directly to another amp dac.
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Dear headfellows,


I'm glad to hear that the PCSTEP is generally received quite positively. I'm just a little bit surprised that some find the sound to be a little bit thick whereas Theogenes finds it less warm than the Glacier.


But everybody hears differently!!  :-)


Just a few notes though:


- Breaking-in does make a difference! Give the amp a decent 100 hours run and it will definitely sound better.


- Set all digital volume controls to 100% and only use the volume control on the PCSTEP for volume-adjustments!. This will normally generate the best sound quality.


- With USB-audio the software is as important as the hardware. If possible, make sure for bit-perfect transfer.





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I think I would describe it as full sounding.

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I should probably say that I had not burned in my unit a full 100 hours when I made my comparisons. Might have to follow-up again once I've put more time on it ;)


Again, thanks to Dr. Meier for the opportunity to listen to and review his outstanding device!!


EDIT: Jan, from your comments I assume you find the PCSTEP to be warmer than the Glacier? Just curious. 

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" from your comments I assume you find the PCSTEP to be warmer than the Glacier? "


No, I honestly can't comment on that because I've never heard the Glacier myself. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.





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No problem at all!! Thanks for the response.


Quick question (to anyone): I think I'm going to use the PCSTEP as a secondary setup in my bedroom, and I'd like to get a decent power supply for it. Unfortunately I have approximately zero knowledge of power supplies. I know the PCSTEP requires a DC connection of between 6-15 volts, but don't really know much beyond that (would a unit labeled 'AC/DC' work?) I suppose my question is twofold: 1) Would anyone be kind enough to point me in the direction of a good power supply that will work with the Meier, and 2) Should I expect any types of sonic gains from doing so? 


Any direction would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance for your help!!

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You might want to use an Energizer XP 8000 @ 12 volt. This one will power the PCstep for some days if not weeks @ normal usage. Have it for my Stepdance. Much preferred over cable fuzz with a power supply. And 12 volt gives it feel able more juice.

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Nice, thanks for the recommendation!

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I just linked back to this thread in a different discussion, and I went back and re-read my review (which I haven't done since I posted it). I don't think I made one point sufficiently clear: I preferred the sound of the PCSTEP, just not by a huge margin. Much of the sibilance noted in my listening impressions was the result of the DBA-02 Mk II being highly prone to it, not a problem or failure of the Meier unit. That said, I do find myself using the Glacier more often while on the go, solely due to the convenience offered by its slim form factor. 


Don't know if anybody really cares, but in the interest of completeness, there it is. PCSTEP for president ;P

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Yep, Im the same I use the apex when out and about but when I want to sit and listen the PCstep is boss, pretty much the nicest portable I own paired with the sen hd650's.

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Okay, looks like I might be able to set up the PCSTEP for use at work. Any recommendations on a decent plug-in power supply? (Battery won't be necessary in this application). Thanks in advance for any help y'all can give!! :)

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Quick bump on the desktop power supply question... Any idea? I looked at the Triad stuff, and then realized I'm not remotely intelligent enough to have any idea what the $%^& I'm looking at tongue.gif. TIA!

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