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OEM speaker component recommendations

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Hi all,


Long time reader, first time poster...I am trying to build a portable wireless speaker with lossless audio streaming as a project. I am new to building audio systems but would like to learn as i progress.  


Can someone recommend some good quality full range drivers for this purpose? What companies should I look for ? 

Also can someone kindly point me to any design resources for small sized speaker enclosures ?


Thanks in advance,


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Oxymoron: wireless lossless audio streaming.
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I do understand that it is an oxymoron,Sorry, I should have mentioned "High Bit Rate Wireless Audio Streaming "  instead of "Lossless".  Do you have any recommendations regarding the drivers?

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I really would like to help but: wireless - portable - high quality audio - speakers don't go very well together.

Here a boombox UE very capable: portable, loud enough and wireless.

There are cheaper options obviously... It also depends of the budget. You could get a Nuforce air DAC and a pair of speakers, but it won't be portable.
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Thanks for the link, I do understand that they dont mix, I am just trying to get the best possible sound within those constraints. 


Regarding the logitech boombox , where can i find speaker unit's that are comprable in quality to the ones used in the boombox?


The NuForce AirDAC looks good, can i pair them with the following driver units by fostex http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/approx-3-fullrange/fostex-fe83en-3-full-range/, I know fostex makes good driver's , but can i find better ? 

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Possibilities are endless once you define what you want and what you need. Not everyone in this forum will be able to help with speakers' enclosures or drivers. They tend to ignore this type of thread.

First: Define the source (I meant receiver, laptop, cd player, turntable) I must presume a laptop considering the lossless factor.
Second: where/when are you planning to use your equipment? Small to medium areas, a room, a living room?
Third: Budget.

EDIT: Make your life easier, active speakers are the way to go.
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Source : I will build a custom amplifier depending on the speaker unit. 

Environment : It will be used indoors in about 400 Sq.Ft of space

Budget : I would prefer something below 50 USD for a single speaker unit, but if something is really good 100 USD is the absolute maximum.

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The portable aspect will be very difficult to achieve. Speaker drivers are relatively easy to procure, but not ones that sound decent and are high-enough efficiency to perform off a battery-powered amplifier. Your best bet may be just to buy the Logitech Bluetooth speaker off Amazon.

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Hi quincy


I see you quote dollar prices, so I guess you are in the US.


http://www.commonsenseaudio.com/ have a driver 'Audio Nirvana Super 3 Cast Frame' that just sneaks in under your budget @ U$88 / pair. If you buy these they'll give you a box design sheet with them.


Audio Nirvana are about as good value as you'll get anywhere. I haven't heard the 'Super 3s', but I have heard more than one speaker from the range, and I have a pair of 'Super 8s'.


The 'Super 3s' have an efficiency of 91dB which is pretty good for a speaker of that size. The only problem is the bass will be limited.


If I wanted to do this, I'd use a pair of car speakers, which often have high efficiency (loud), but you have to check this. You want 90dB minimum, you can get 100dB which will sound twice as loud. Look for coaxial, round with a suspended tweeter. I'd get a pair of car radios, preferably identical, and an FM modulator, something like this:- http://dx.com/p/3-in-1-full-range-fm-transmitter-mp3-player-with-ir-remote-sd-mmc-mp3-usb-3-5mm-11218. Have a look on the site there used to be quite a few available, I can't be bothered to go through them all. You can probably get something like it locally, supermarkets here carry them. I'd put a 12V battery in each box and leave a slot for the radio. Tune the radios to the same channel, but wire up the speaker to the left channel out of one and the right channel out of the other. That's basically it.


Don't listen to the ragging about quality, FM stereo is remarkably good, it can be better than a vinyl LP, it just depends on the quality of the equipment.



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Thank you very much for all the recommendations ! The kind of sound i am going for is a neutral one so i would not mind at all if the driver can't do boombox lind of bass. Thanks for the tip on using car speakers, i will buy a bunch of speakers and test them out for my project. I have a rechargeable 12v supply already built so i guess i will just drop it in.


I am right now considering the following driver units :


I also have a question regarding Neodyium speakers, do they offer any advantage with respect to efficiency or compactness? My biggest concerns are compactness, sound quality and battery life...




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