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Full Size that sound like KSC75

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Hey guys,

I've been playing around with headphones since jan 2010. I've owned quite a few in this time. However nothing has been as enjoyable as the $20 Koss KSC75. So far I have owned:

DT770 - 250ohm
DT880 - 600ohm
Porta Pro

Now don't get me wrong each of those listed headphones are great in their own way, but for some reason I always find myself listening to the KSC75 with my fiio e11 and ipod. They just always sound great. I love the treble sparkle. Everything is just right. They sound great loud or quiet.

What I'm looking for is something that sounds Identical to the Koss's but in a large over/around the ear form. I'm thinking maybe the KSC75 got the eq/freq curve just right for my preference in rock/hardcore/punk music. Although I hear the porta pros have the same drivers, I was not impressed. Far too much bass and they lacked that treble sparkle. Anyone have any recommendations?

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I hav always thought the K240s, 55 ohm model is a better / more refined KSC75... the two are pretty similar.


I think the HF1 with flat SR60 pads kind of does it too... but with the Grado flair.

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I've been looking for that since I first joined head-fi :) Good luck!


I remember the first time I found something similar was with the Grado 225s.  Nothing else in the Grado lineup made me feel that way.  None of the high-end headphones feel that way either.

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