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Replacing PSP, Opinions and Suggestions APPRECIATED

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Ok, so I've been on a hunt for replacing my source, being my PSP, and what others have said about it, it seems to me that it is "THE worst source someone could have besides others"

So, i thought It's time to upgrade.


1. My setup being my ATH-M50s and Fiio E07K (If it needs to be hooked up 3.5 to 3.5 instead of bypassing the sources AMP, that's ok)


2. I want honestly to have a player that will Noticeably have better SQ than my PSP.


3.I want the player to not be restricted to ONLY music, i would like to maybe use the internet or have some apps (Something like an ipod or galaxy player)

Also, would like a decent screen size if its possible not like 5 inches but around size of PSP, maybe a bit smaller)


4. If my PSP is an all right source, i may consider new headphones but again only if there is Noticeable difference.


5. The most important aspect of this, my price range would be 200-300$ 

200-250 preferably and 300 only if it's worth it.


6. One more thing, i would like a microSD Slot since I have 64gb on my PSP (Adapter + 64gb Class 10 SanDisk) if said device only supports up to 32gb MicroSD's then I'll gladly get one.



If i left any details out let me know, ill gladly tell you what I'm looking for, all posts appreciated :)


Edit: One last detail, i REALLY would prefer no apple devices since you cant expand memory, and not really known for being cheap.


If it helps, I'll listen to just about anything except for rap, no offense, just not my taste :)


Oh, if suggesting headphone ONLY Over-Ears or Around-Ears and would really prefer Closed and decent noise cancellation.

(PS. I have looked at Cowon X9,Z2 - Samsung galaxy player - Mad Dogs By Mr.Speakers (Regardless if i buy them or not I respect you very much, seem to have an awesome attitude towards everyone)

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Cowon products seems to fit you just fine, players like cowon Z2 would fit you fine , if you really put that sound upgrade above all other functionality (it is not ... lets say the best android device around in terms of other things


ps: if you have one of the USB audio compatible android phone , you can funnel that money into buying a compatible dac/amp

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Yea, i did like cowon but i might stay away from them because elementary tasks besides music can cause it to freeze and it does tend to lag so i feel bad mentioning them now because at that price, it seems unfair. BTW, I've seen looking at Archos, there new Archos GamePad is out on Adorama and was wondering, could i get the PowerAmp App and get better SQ like that?


I like it because it does have decent power and it is Android, plus i am used to controllers and that one does have them :) it would be like a 7"

PSP lolz :) Also.... It's only 170-190$


Again if i can get like a Tablet or Galaxy Player but get same sound quality because of apps, ill defintely take that route, BUT if hardware can more of a difference than software, I'll look into that option as well.


Also to everyone replying here, im sorry for asking a lot and changing my mind and adding here and there. I just really want to be satisfied with what i get, again 250$ to me is a decent amount of money, and well, the Z2 has bugs and is laggy....... for 250$ thats a big let down to me when at 180$ i can get that and a lot of power AND a tablet (The Archos GamePad to me is basically a on-the-go PC)


Anyways, As usual, all opinions and suggestions appreciated, Also, if you want me to be more specific or explain my goal a little clearer, Just ask, ill be glad to answer :), as always, Daniel.

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Hardware can impact more on the sq compared to tge software e.g you cant get say dx100 sound using some kind of magical software on a cheap android software
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Yea, thats what i thought, but what would be in that price range that isnt only audio restricted? Or will i have to sacrifice for that? honestly though, if my psp really sounds that bad, then what would be a good step up from it that would be able to have wifi and such?
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iirc the psp sounds "decent" if you have no high quality files or haven't listened to anything better, you have the galaxy player as the option that fills all of your need(the SQ is generally a step up from the PSP as long as you have the cans and players to support it), generally at that price point you have to sacrifice something (generally the internet and apps, cowon player like j3 and x9 have video/pics/txt capabilities).


Powerampp/neutron/ANY music player and other stuff like kernel mods, FX mods will only get you so far if your DAC and AMP in the player is rather well bad


T3 doesn't seems to review the archos gamepad favourably , so take note of that

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Well actually recently, i have been putting high quality files on my psp, they dont sound bad but if i listen to them on my PC with winamp, you can tell its better.

Also, with the Archos gamepad, i would imagine since its newer it may sound better than the galaxy player, with an app of course. But if i went with the galaxy 5.0 would i be better off than the Gamepad?

Thanks in advance, daniel.
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Newer doesnt mean better, especially on the budget range of androids, it means exactly that :newer, we dont know the dac used on the gamepad, we dont know the amp section and certainly the implementation. Archos also have changed alot so you cant exactly rely in what they do back during pmp age
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Well, i didnt mean newer was better, i said it may be. I did read up though, the gamepad isnt that great. Anyways, so for what im looking for, what would you recommend? Just to update you though, im interested in the SG player and maybe a J3 cowon but, cant seem to find one.
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They both can be found on well ebay, i think you can still find some galaxy player on amazon, j3 is ebay only though
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All right, ive been looking at the SG player 5.0 seems nice but nothing spectacular, and with cowon im interested in the Z2, X9, and J3. If you have any comments on these players please tell also, if you know something better do tell.

Thanks in advance, Daniel.
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The x9 have resistive touch screen, mostbof the cowon product have lower ppi compared to the samsung, the samsung is also reportedly the better android device, the only thing cowon playerv have on it is their bbe. J3 and x9 while having insane battery life have no internet or apps. The rest is pretty much your decission
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