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This is a thread for current students at California State University Fullerton



The purpose of this thread is to come to know fellow Head-Fi members that are now attending CSUF and to plan future Get-Together opportunities on campus. 


We could even use the opportunity to get more of our fellow Titans introduced to the world of Head-Fi.


I have ideas about possible locations on campus and welcome any ideas that you might have as well.



What this thread is NOT:


1. A thread to schedule a meet/mini-meet for California

2. An invitation to all Head-fiers near Fullerton (TBD -Time will tell)

3. An invitation for Head-fi members to discuss CSUF.


I look forward to finding some additional Head-Fi members at CSUF.

I will Edit for updates if/when this thread progresses with Get-Together Dates


***If you are currently a student, but not a Head-Fi member and happen upon this thread, I encourage you to register and become part of this excellent community!