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I'm lucky enough to find one here in my place and the store actually has one unit for demo. i only played 2 songs and compared them to my HD439.


i still need to get back on that store. i was pretty much in a hurry awhile ago, but what i can say as of now is that they are comfortable and HD439 is warmer than these. tongue_smile.gif

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I'm lucky enough to find one here in my place and the store actually has one unit for demo. i only played 2 songs and compared them to my HD439.


i still need to get back on that store. i was pretty much in a hurry awhile ago, but what i can say as of now is that they are comfortable and HD439 is warmer than these. tongue_smile.gif

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bored waiting it..months and months still none available at taobaoconfused.gif

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"The EVO headphones you sent arrived today in fine shape. They sound great considering the (regular) price is so reasonable. I look forward to seeing what I think of them after burn-in. After that's done and I have a few listening sessions with them I'll be posting comments on the Head-Fi thread.
BTW, that "DENA" track you sent was great. What a voice, indeed!
Best wishes for prosperity at Audiohipster, and Easter blessings to you and your family."
Hopefully more will post their impressions of the EVO...  Cheers Doyen

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Try a pad that has a little more distance from the driver, even the HD-662 the only Superslut can that is said to have an Eq as the DT 770, the thicker pads and thicker foam insert covers of the 662 series will change the sound shape of the original 681... a thinner pad will make the highs even more pronounced. I have a Rothermel mod on a 681 ( no caps or electronic parts used that would be just wrong) and it is smooth as silk in the upper highs. 

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How would it compare to a 668B? I have a pair of these and the slightly sibilant and grating highs can be annoying. The bass also feels a little weak at times. The 681 EVO, which is supposedly a 681 with refined sound and reworked treble feels like it would be the perfect cheap upgrade.

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seems nice, and for 28 eur, they are worth a try.

how do they compare to something like the jvc ha 700'?
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Superlux 681 EVO

+ foam discs mod*

+ OFC low impedance cable

+ 200 hours break-in


= best sounding Superlux HP (and great all-rounder)


(only 32 ohm but definitely benefits from a juicy amp: sounds way better with the O2 vs. the fiio E6)


* foam discs mod explained:


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Are the earcups/pads of the EVO deeper than the original 681's? I'm planning to get this tomorrow and will probably sell my other cans if I like it! smile.gif

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See this thread.. i got the evo, was disappointed in the highs / mids which I felt were muffled until I did the mod by taking out the inner felt.  the highs later disappeared after a few more weeks.  I'm happy with the evo but if i have to buy again, I'm not sure if i would get teh 681 or the evo since removing the felt may mean that it's a 681 with upgraded comfort.  I bought mine used on head-fi.


See here:


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I got these from audiohipster a few months ago (thanks Doyan). Love them! They are heavily in my top 4 rotation. I like them better than my HARX900 and equal to the HD439. They sound a bit more substantial than the 439 but not quite as comfy for a long session. Velour pads might edge these ahead of the HD439. Nice, solid, extended low end even for EDM. Open soundstage and a very pleasing overall EQ signature. I highly recommend the EVO. Contact audiohipster and pick up a pair. Not only are they an incredibly nice value... they're just plain nice.
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Hi there, we have been sending the new 681 EVO to some recording engineers i will try to post some replies, one thing i noticed is you have to break-in the drivers, for  me the fist 4 hours of use i was undecided, then after leaving them plugged in for awhile, and using them they have turned onto an astonishing headphone, it has slowly became one of my favorite listening for enjoyment headphone. here is some recent feedback:

  " Evo's have been a pleasure to do video editing work... they are non fatiguing in the highs... a little hotter to wear, and a bit heavier, but good for a long day of listening to lawyer commercials i am making..." 


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for sending the Evo's.  I have given them a lot of head time and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. I have one particular album that I always test new headphones with and then make adjustments to the EQ in iTunes for comparison.  With the EVO's I have not touched the EQ.  They are quite impressive.


Thanks Doyen. Much appreciated. I'm loving the headphones and recommending them to my friends. Really great value.
Thanks again.


My daughter loves them! 


i had to send you this track; it shows up the abilities of the evo...subleties, separation, correct tones( listen to the snares)..it has it all. i am delighted.
Hey man we love the headphones! We will send out the payment later today. 
Thanks so much!
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Hi ...here is more i found very interesting how some love the highs in the new EVO:


"So I recently ordered the 681EVOs from you (in white)...  What an amazing difference from everything I have ever used before (none of which is anything special). 

Of course I'm one of those people who is curious about new/different options so I wanted to ask about some of the other models that you have.  How do the HD661, 668B, and 662 compare to the 681EVOs?  I really like the overall sound of the 681EVOs, but I wouldn't be dissapointed with something that had a little stronger low end.  I am most surprised that I actually like the treble in the 681EVO, normally I EQ the highs down with everything but with these the treble is actually pleasing.  So I guess I'm not looking to give up much there.  Anyway, just curious about your thoughts on those other sets."


"Hi ! I just wanted to let you know I received the headphones today. And I'm really satisfied with them !
I noticed a pretty big difference, even though I don't have exactly an audiophile setup ! I use them on my computer and got an Auzentech Prelude soundcard, plugged into my logitech 2.1 speakers system, and I plugged the headphones into the headphone plug on the speakers's control module. It seems to sound better that way than plugging the headphones directly in the soundcard output(well at least with my old pair it did, I haven't tried with those).
I had a pair of cheap RCA HP-350 before, which I really enjoyed over most other cheap headphones pairs. I didn't need any burn-in period to enjoy the HD681 EVOs ! The sound while very different from the HP350 is also similar in some ways, but they felt much less "big". 
Anyways, I'm really satisfied"
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How the quality of velvet earpads that come with the new EVOs?

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Hi ... crazy i have not tried them on a pair yet, still have the first version, my only complaint about the 1st ver, is that the head strap was attached by the elastic snapped in a hole and it can pop out leaving the headband loose, and on the new ones with the extra velour ear pads are loop tied and will not pop loose.  Now the extra velour pads look good, and sowed / stitched to the vinyl backing, and you can breathe thru the velour, so i imagine it will feel a lot better, they could be a tad thicker but that may not be needed on the EVO, did have one cust... say he put the velours when he first got them and he totally enjoying  them.   Also we do have extra pads just fyi. Cheers Doyen  

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