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Closed, used headphones proposals for max. 100$ (yea, probably 1000th topic but I need your help!)

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Hey, I'm new here so hello everyone.


I need some help, after I didn't get any on other forums. I'd like to buy new headphones (but if I won't find any better, I won't do that) for maximum 100$. I've read half of internet about that topic but, as always, answers were: buy A, elsewhere: buy B etc. What I need:

- closed headphones, big ones, comfortable, light, no contact with ears inside (so I guess it's called circumaurals)

- cable: can't be thin cause I will have microphone on it

- dark, guess "warm", with good bass control and nice details

- average+ or big soundstage (comparing to closed headphones)

- easy to drive

- they won't be mobile


- 50% listening to music

- 50% competitive FPS gaming + normal gaming :)


I'm listening:

- 75% rap

- 25% rock/reggae/classical/symphony/electro


My current headphones are Sennheiser HD380 pro (got them less than 1.5 year) and the only reason why I'm thinking about change them is a lot of comments how "bad" they are. IMO, they are really good (my 1st "pro" headphones, still not a lot of experience), I found almost everything what I need in them. But maybe I can get something better :)


I'm connected to kinda low source - Asus Xonar DG, maybe I will change it in the future but now I don't have enough money so it must stay.


I was looking on forums and this is what I got:

- Beyerdynamic DT-770 pro (how about 80 Ohm version? I read that they are too bassy?)

- Shure SRH 840 (I guess they are too expensive for me, even used in my country... heavy? - 317.5g)

- everywhere-recommended ATH-M50 (I read one comparison vs HD380 pro and they were a bit worse; also heard that soundstage is low)

- some Superlux? HD662 or maybe HD669? Any good opinions? (HD-330 and HD-660 has too bad cable and I don't know how to recable em)


Today I came to Denon shop and I tested AH-D1100. My opinion:

- comfortable, circumaurals  (+)

- cable - thin, won't be able to connect with mic   (-)

- very dark and bassy, even for me it was too much; better details than in my HD380 (-/+)

- really little soundstage comparing to my HD380, won't be good for playing I guess  (-)

- a bit harder to drive but my SGS1+Neutron rose to the challenge not that bad

So I deleted them from my list. Of course it's only my opinion after half an hour of listening (couldn't more because I'm a bit sick and tired).


Maaaybe I would get Shure SRH 840 for tests but I'm not s(h)ure.


If anyone has suggestions, I'd be glad to hear it.

Greets and I wish my english didn't hurt you too much :P

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Look at M-Audio Q40
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Hey, thanks for answer. I found them in my country not that very popular, so price is a bit higher than I expected + I can't find used ones but anyway thanks.

Still waiting for other offers, maybe some voices from DT770,SRH840,M50/others owners?



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here, couldn't find the link earlier, this at least compares to similar headphones, no matter what you choose this is an informative review. i found them new for 99 dollars.



not popular in your country doesn't mean much. do we all wear beats? if popular counted we ALL would wear beats.

good luck in your hunt, many options. 100 dollars should get you some very nice headphones.

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Hey, thanks very much for that link, it gave me more infos about 100$ headphones.

Nonetheless, I found that Q40 only in 2 internet shops in my country and firstly I have to wear my new headphones :) (I got an offer to buy almost-new Denons D1100 for about $65 but when I wore them yesterday, I found them a bit too small).


I also looked at that forum more accurately and I learnt that I should post my problem in main topic. That might be good idea, because my topic will disappear very fast due to incredibly big traffic on this forum :)



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Strictly for fps gaming the HD555/595 + an attached boom mic is one heck of a combo that is really hard to look past. They aren't bad for music as well. For fps gaming you want good imaging and good soundstage, no headphones within the mentioned budget has these traits, so if you really want congested or really squished in sound that would sound really hollow in for gaming then really I don't know why I'am posting this. But otherwise yeah.

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