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AKG K172 HD Repair - Where to get parts

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Basically the question is the thread name.


I asked pretty much the same thing in the Full-Size Headphones section and one guy pretty much directed me to this section. Sorry for the double threads in advance.


Just in case anybody's interested in what happened - My left driver got messed up, sound levels are almost zero. Opened up the headphone and... the left cable housing (not the headphone itself) had some greenish fluid coming from the cables - seems like some of it went inside the driver capsule somehow and messed it up (it is sticky), even though it's pretty well sealed from that side and the driver housing/earpiece itself was clean on the inside, cables are pristine too. At least that's the theory anyways.


I searched through the DIY links resource thread and could not find the drivers (capsule xxl 2606B00050). The only two places where I found it via google were:

-FullCompass - http://www.fullcompass.com/product/356480.html but doesn't ship outside of the US it seems.

-SpectrumAudio - https://www.spectrumaudio.com/akg-2606b00050-1.html

The listings say it's for the 240s, but as far as I can tell, all the 142s/172s/242s/272s use the same drivers, at least according to service manuals and pictures. Correct me if I'm wrong here.


Can anybody give advice whether to go ahead and get it from SpectrumAudio or if there's a better option? I'm more worried about reputation and general quality rather than price, but my options seem to be a bit limited.


As for the other parts - the ear pads are due for replacement but I can't find them anywhere... so I guess the question here is whether the ones for the 141/142 series will match.

Also was thinking about retrofitting an XLR plug to ease cable replacement down the road, but that will have to wait until the rest of the stuff is solved. Please advice on this one as well :)


Thanks in advance!

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You can get the service docs here:



You can also order parts directly from AKG USA. Not sure where you are located.

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If you are handy with DIY tools, have you measured the resistances at various points around the headphone? The green stuff could be (relatively) harmless to the driver and you could just have a busted cable. 

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The cables have been measured at all points, nothing out of the ordinary. Both loops return between 55.8 and 55.9. We took the speaker out and connected it with a separate cable, through 3 devices and on both lines (left/right) just to be sure - no change.


As for my location, I'm in the EU, so I guess AKG USA is ruled out.

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Can anybody confirm that it's OK to get the driver from SpectrumAudio? Can't seem to find any good info about them.

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Well, a nice (and closing) update...


The local AKG dealers (Factor TC) got the parts delivered to them in 2 weeks and the price was half the amount of what I expected given internet pricing. Talk about a nice surprise there :)

Got the driver in, soldered to the wires, assembled everything and it's working(tm).


So there we go, I guess - a happy ending atsmile.gif

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