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looking for a portable player with expandable memory but... NOT COWON!

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Hello, i'm looking for a player that will fit my needs:


it needs a micro sd card slot, support up to 32gb

it needs a touch screen at least to search through my library

it needs a good EQ

don't really care about internal memory, i can just buy more micro sd cards..

responding UI : NOT LIKE ******* COWON, that's just the most ****ty brand i've ever known and will never buy again. the SQ is great, but the ui is so buggy, sd card problems, battery life sucks really hard. just waisted 600$ on that brand ;)


i would like, but it's NOT a must:




(i bought 2x cowon Z2, they were both all buggy and their support just doesn't exist, they are arrogant and don't give any help, they don't ******* care about their customers.


what i dont want:





i've seen about the iriver astell& kern... it looks awesome... but the price is just too crazy...


i know the HIFIMAN HM-601 Slim is not with a touch screen, but how is it? i mean, is it easy to navigate in folders, songs? how are the EQ-settings capabilities here?


any advice is welcome! thanks!

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I have the 601 (non slim) and it was fine to navigate around...but I ended up rockboxing it to get a better UI.

I have had Cowon S9 & J3 and never had any issues with them - found them to be overall really nice to use products.


Currently my weapon of choice is the iBasso DX100 - its bulky, battery life is poor, uses old Android OS which cant be upgraded, has been very buggy and continues to have some minor glitches.....however the SQ is another level entirely! Love the sound so much that I got rid of my Cowon's and suffer the minor annoyances, just for the sound.


Dont know about the iriver astell& kern and don't use apple products

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ok i see.. so hifiman doesn't have a really good UI? what was wrong with it?


myeah i dont know, i know the SQ is great but one thing i can say about cowon is that they don't give a **** about customers. they don't care to help in any way. and about all the bugs i don't know if i've just been unlucky maybe.. but twice?! i've seen different reviews on the z2 some people say it's awesome some people say like me it su*ks hard. anyways, i don't even want to talk about it anymore i get so pissed when i do ^^


dx100 is too expensive for me.. :) i'd rather buy the iriver now if i had that much money for a player.

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The 601 UI was OK to use - just not a very intuitive or refined UI.

Rockbox'ing it just made it a more pleasant experience to use.


I never had any issues with my Cowons, so never had to contact their customer service....lucky by the sound of it!

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You can try usb dac with android with usb audio support, it have a touch screen, nice ui with some players, most of them have a micro sd, and they run android.

The hifimans have decent ui, but you have to like file browsing whenever your tag just wont be there
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i dont need tags, my music is sorted in subfolders by genre, then by artist then by albums, so if i can browse my folders, it's all good!


actually, i got a samsung s3.. and a fiio E07K i'd like to buy an OTG cable but... i can't find one selled in europe.. i can't buy anything from amazon.com, there is none on ebay, i found one on some japanese site once, it should've worked with my previous amp: E7 but it didn't, there were some pictures on the site from a samsung s3 connected to an amp with that small cable but looks like that was ********, because it didn't work.


and i'm not sure i want to do this... the battery life of my S3 already sucks while i barely use it...


is it easy to "rockbox" ? is it like rooting an android phone?

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Kinda sorta, depending on your phone, rockboxing can be easier that going for root access, if you just want folder browser you probably wont need rockbox(ps: there is android rockbox port ongoing, you can search around for the beta)
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